June 04, 2020


MAR 21 - APR 19

What you think about love is changing! And because of this, everything about your love life will change with it. You've been vacillating between justifying the behavior of yourself or someone you love, and then realizing it just doesn't fit your moral compass. Because you want to keep the connection going, confusion, excuses, and justification reigned supreme up until this point. But between Wednesday and Friday, all of that will change. Once you realize the effect it's having on your mind and heart, your perspective will radically shift. You will expect more because you realize you deserve more. And once you know this, Aries, you can never pretend again that you do not.



APR 20 - MAY 20

If you're in a relationship with someone, then this week the two of you are likely to have less romance and more financial planning. It seems like you're in a process of recalibrating what you do with your shared money, as well as how much of it you really have. Once you tackle this together, you'll see the big picture and will know where to go from there. If you're single, then this week is more about standing your ground with personal integrity and values concerning matters of the heart. Do not settle for a "situationship" that devalues YOU just to have a physical body around. If you do, Taurus, you're only feeding your heart counterfeit love.



MAY 21 - JUN 20

Oh, Gemini ... expect a monumental week of developments in your love life story! Venus is still retrograde in your sign -- but on Wednesday, makes a conjunction to the Sun. This will essentially light up your ability to call yourself out on whatever relationship issues you've been trying to hide from. A Lunar Eclipse on Friday in your partnership sector will certainly signal a peak. You can either expect an ending to occur or a deepening of your bond with someone. Much, of course, depends on where things have been going. If you're completely single, you are more emotionally open than ever to a connection! A karmic one may come into your life.



JUN 21 - JUL 22

Are you tired of keeping your love life problems to yourself? Are you exhausted from hiding your beauty and heart because you are so afraid of getting into another relationship and risking heartbreak again? Whichever end of the love spectrum your current situation falls, expect a major emotional breakthrough this week! Not only will you realize that you're sick and tired of allowing the baggage around your heart to weigh you down, you'll actually do something about it. For some Cancers, it means ending a romance that isn't working. For others, it means having the courage to love again. And perhaps for a few ... it's both!



JUL 23 - AUG 22

It's time to face the music in your love life, Leo. Are you denying that you're madly in love with someone who you're desperately trying to keep in the "friend zone?" This approach is clearly no longer working, and the two of you are going to need to face your feelings for one another. Happily, a Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector on Friday might signal a realization that yes, you are in love -- and you're finally ready to change your relationship status! But, if there are two people you're torn about, then you might have to make a choice. Follow your heart!



AUG 23 - SEP 22

The confusion you feel about your partner's overall level of support in your life is about to peak. You might have been feeling this gnawing sense of uncertainty about your relationship for a while now, Virgo. You and your partner might share love, but your compatibility could be off overall. He or she may be unable to support you as you pursue your life and career goals. There might also be a disconnect between your family and this person. Whatever the details, you know that something's gotta give. If you're totally single, you might realize that you have been pushing love away to pursue your career goals. How is that working out for you?



SEP 23 - OCT 22

If you happen to be going through a legal matter or contractual dispute with your spouse or partner, then it looks like things could come to a head this week. You might be fighting with each other if you're getting divorced, but it may also be you and your partner trying to figure something out with a third party. If, for example, the two of you are getting married and negotiating a prenuptial agreement, you might finally tie all the loose ends together. Or, you could be buying a home and finishing the legal paperwork. It might be stressful, Libra, but you'll both be happy when it's complete!



OCT 23 - NOV 21

Are you dating someone new and wondering if this person likes you for you or if they just like you for what you can give or do for them? If you're second-guessing the authenticity of your connection, then you might decide to call it quits this week. You shouldn't have to wonder, Scorpio -- you should know. If your lover is making you feel used instead of valued, then you're probably with the wrong person. If you're single, then it might be a good week to invest in loving yourself more; believing that retail therapy is the answer won't cut it. Remind yourself of your internal worth.



NOV 22 - DEC 21

Anticipate a major turning point in your love life, Sag! It's more about your perspective above anything else that is creating the change, and the truth is, it's long overdue. You might have been fighting your emotions about someone you've been dating or crushing on for way too long. Fear of attachment or losing your freedom by getting into a real relationship with this person may have been barriers that you've put up to protect yourself from the trappings of love. If that's the case, you will now recognize that you've only been cheating yourself. Choosing love is not always easy, especially when it requires us to be emotionally open. But, it's always worth it.



DEC 22 - JAN 19

If you have been driving yourself crazy about your love life situation, then you'll realize it's simply not worth the health and emotional problems that it's causing you. You might be in a toxic romantic entanglement, or you might be spending all of your energy trying to make something work with someone who just isn't meeting you halfway. As a result, you'll realize this week that you not only deserve better, but that this isn't worth compromising the quality of your health over anymore. It's about time, Capricorn! Alternately, if you're in a healthy relationship, then it's possible your partner will be doing something critical to help you improve your overall well-being. That's the way it should be!



JAN 20 - FEB 18

Venus continues to travel retrograde in your romance sector. However, this week, you can fully anticipate the love life drama to reach a peak. On Wednesday, Venus links up to the Sun, which will completely light up whatever your current reality show storyline is. Make no mistake about it, there is potential for juicy drama and love triangles. Then, a Lunar Eclipse on Friday opposes this connection, amplifying the emotionality of it all. You just might decide to walk away from all your options so that you can finally think straight!



FEB 19 - MAR 20

If your love life story doesn't match with your life goals and place in this world, then there is clearly a problem, Pisces. It might be that you've fallen head over heels in love with someone who you know doesn't really fit into your everyday real life. He or she might not connect well with your family, your life values, or even understand why you have a particular career path or certain aspirations. The love and chemistry are strong and genuine, but since this love is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, you might be tired of trying.


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