November 01, 2012



Drive the speed limit this week or you could wind up with a ticket. Why rush? Serenity is available if you only stop and listen for it inside of you. Discharge your usual obligations with dignity and count your blessings. Soul Affirmation: I am guided by the joy within.



Justice is on your mind again this week. This may be in a cosmic sense, or you may still be speeding along trying to get a ticket. Slow down and relax your brain-energies! The universe knows how to take care of itself and of you. Trust! Soul Affirmation: Distant love is sometimes sweeter.



No need for rowdiness, wild ones. You can make your point without waving your hands and arms about wildly! Speak your wisdom softly, gently this week, so that others can hear it and benefit. Soul Affirmation: I face each week with a smile and the week smiles back at me.



Things speed up again this week and you are in a highly creative mood. An outspoken female in your circle may illuminate a thorny question for you. You’ll be surprised and pleased by what you hear. Soul Affirmation: I look for the good in all that comes to me this week.



One of your most unique gifts is the power to change your mind. You know how to change the way you think, and it gives you great personal magnetism. This week you may be called upon to change the way you think about a person close to you. Do it. Soul Affirmation: Friendships are shock absorbers on the bumpy roads of life.



Focus intently on the personal this week. Others may seem scattered or impersonal, but it’s not about you. Keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself until others are more receptive to your good vibrations. Soul Affirmation: I master fear by knowing that all is well.



A personal decision is made, and you are happy for the person who makes it. This person may be younger than you, but you’ve got a karmic bond between you. Enjoy the excitement of moment, and know that faith is being kept by your very actions. Soul Affirmation: This week I forgive myself for everything that has happened.



Hidden resentments could surface and you’ll want to be able to gracefully back away from arguments this week. Appreciate the good vibrations and ignore the negative. You’ll be doing the universe’s work! Soul Affirmation: What I’ve been waiting for has been here all along.



Charming, simply charming is what you are this week! Use your sparkle to set a few dreams in motion by meeting with those who can help you move forward. Wow! Have you got it going on! Keep your spontaneous side in check this week. Soul Affirmation: I know that enjoyment is a state of mind this week.



Think things through before you act. Concentrate on small details. They will make the difference between success and failure in your endeavors this week. Don’t go for the gusto just yet, your ideas need to be massaged a bit more before you present them openly. Call that special someone that has been on your mind. Soul Affirmation: True friendship is a mirror into which I look to see the beauty of my inner self.



Your financial constraints will soon come to an end. Meanwhile, make a game of spending less. See how long you can go without letting lose a dime and you will be in a better position to make decisions about bigger ticket items soon. Start thinking about where you would like to take a short excursion. Soul Affirmation: I paint my world in colors of the rainbow.



For the past two weeks you have been playing it safe. Now you can live on the edge a little. Luck is back with you again. You’ll be aware of love prospects lingering around you. You’ll see that your career is full of bright possibilities. Now is a good time to take a chance. Soul Affirmation: Self-confidence is the key to my success this week.

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