December 06, 2018 


MAR 21 - APR 19 

Despite an adventurous theme and a strong desire for new experiences and opportunities, a more spiritual and dreamy tendency could prevail. The issue of beliefs might be on the agenda, which could affect how you approach an idea or project. Should you have faith that it will go as expected, or should you get help from a mentor with prior experience? A more practical focus suggests that you make a start that involves both options. The new moon on Thursday allows for a positive start to new ventures, especially those involving travel or study. And with chatty Mercury turning direct the same day, the coming weeks can go more smoothly, with fewer hitches and delays.



APR 20 - MAY 20 

While you might be embracing more intense issues with a view toward making key changes, your social life sparkles, too. You might need to balance your inner and outer lives if you’re going to be productive this week. However, this could be difficult midweek, when a social event that seems particularly alluring takes you away from more pressing issues.  Thursday’s new moon in your sector of shared assets and deep psychological issues can be an opportunity for a new beginning. Even if you only have the intention of changing things, this can be enough. If you want to make concrete progress, you might need to let go of aspects of the past before you can move into the future. On that same day, lively Mercury turns direct, which can bring an end to any misunderstandings. 



MAY 21 - JUN 20 

There could be a lot going on regarding certain relationships, team projects, and your social life. Early in the week, you might be torn between leisure activities and attending to your goals and responsibilities. If you feel really stuck, taking a little time out to consider your priorities could help you be more productive. Lively Mercury, your guardian planet, turns direct on Thursday, which could make it easier to navigate the coming weeks, especially during this busy time of year. With a new moon in this sector on the same day, you’ll have an opportunity to take the initiative regarding certain relationships. This can be a good time to start a collaboration or take a romance to a new level. 



JUN 21 - JUL 22 

Work beckons, but so do more enticing aspects of life, such as the chance to travel, explore subjects of interest, or lose yourself in new ideas or fascinating books. You’ll need to find a balance between getting your daily tasks completed and indulging a fascination with new interests.  Thursday’s new moon in your sector of work and lifestyle brings an opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’re beginning a new job, this lunar phase can be excellent for helping you adjust and feel at home in your new environment. If you’re beginning a new routine, the new moon can be equally helpful by enabling you visualize what it will be like for you if you can maintain this. Expressive Mercury also turns direct on Thursday, helping you gather your thoughts. 



JUL 23 - AUG 22 

You might want to explore new ideas and creative opportunities, but there could be a matter to attend to first. This might involve sorting out a confusing or frustrating issue that seems hopelessly entangled. Take your time because this could take a little while to resolve. If you can detach from it, you might find that some clarity is possible.  Thursday brings a new moon in your sector of leisure, creativity, and romance, which can be an opportunity to take things to a new level. A hobby could become a small enterprise, or a budding romance could move into deeper waters. Inquisitive Mercury turns direct on the same day, and this can smooth the path ahead and help you accomplish your goals. 



AUG 23 - SEP 22 

You might have things to do at home, but other people could have demands as well. If they really want something out of you, they could try all sorts of tricks to get your attention. To keep the peace, you might need to find a balance between your needs and theirs. It could be difficult to understand someone’s motives, and if you sense that they’re not being quite truthful, postpone forging any agreements or making any commitments.  Thursday’s new moon in your home zone can be an opportunity to get domestic projects up and running. With chatty Mercury turning direct on the same day, real estate deals could also proceed more smoothly. 



SEP 23 - OCT 22 

Getting your priorities in order could be difficult this week because others might be demanding and perhaps even needy at times. You may have to strengthen your boundaries if you are to get everything done as intended. Still, your compassionate side can win out, and you may find yourself lending a helping hand even if you do have to sacrifice your own agenda. Thursday’s new moon in your sector of communication can be a positive this week, perhaps an opportunity to launch a product or website or sign a deal or agreement. With chatty Mercury turning direct on that same day, you’ll also find it easier to navigate through this holiday month with fewer delays.



OCT 23 - NOV 21 

Creative and romantic opportunities are plentiful this week, but they will require money. Think very carefully about the cost of a creative project or new relationship. While this can seem materialistic, the cosmos is urging you to trust your instincts. You have an inborn ability to know when something isn’t as it should be, and the coming days are a chance to use it.  Thursday’s new moon in your money zone can lead you to take the initiative regarding key projects. It’s also a chance to plan for all the extra expense involved in the coming weeks. You can set yourself up for the year ahead by making a few simple adjustments. And with expressive Mercury turning direct on the same day, recent difficulties and frustrations can begin to ease. 



NOV 22 - DEC 21 

While you might feel full of vim and vigor, the domestic scene and members of your family may require support over the week ahead. Someone could be feeling a little bit lonely and in need some attention, and if so, this is something to deal with gently, without compromising your own agenda.  Thursday’s new moon in your sign is the best of the year for you and an opportunity to set your intentions for the coming twelve months. Make a list of all the things you hope to accomplish. Reading it through will help the ideas sink in, and you could find yourself moving forward quite naturally. And with thoughtful Mercury pushing ahead that same day, any difficulties or misunderstandings you’ve experienced could begin to resolve. 



DEC 22 - JAN 19 

You could feel like retiring from the world and keeping yourself to yourself, but you might be dragged into an issue that has nothing much to do with you. A detached perspective would be very helpful here, enabling you to understand the truth of the matter. Still, this could rumble on for some time, so patience may be necessary. Despite this, Thursday’s new moon in a secluded sector of your chart could inspire you to adopt a practice that helps you stay calm in everyday life. Meditation or some other discipline might help you feel more at peace. Inquisitive Mercury turns direct on that same day, and so relationships may gradually improve and frustrations begin to ease. This could make a big difference to the coming weeks and your enjoyment of the holiday season.



JAN 20 - FEB 18 

You might be wondering if someone is taking advantage of you, particularly over the days ahead when the sun in your social sector squares off with ethereal Neptune. In this instance, trust your gut and you won’t go far wrong.  Cosmic forces are encouraging you to take extra care when making purchases or dealing with paperwork or processes that involve a lot of money. It’s vital to read the fine print and check that everything is to your satisfaction.  With a happy focus on your social sector and a new moon in this zone on Thursday, you’ll have opportunities to connect with friends and initiate new plans and projects. Frustrations and delays can also begin to ease as chatty Mercury forges ahead on that same day. If plans have been on hold, things will soon get moving again. 



FEB 19 - MAR 20

Responsibilities and ambitions could be very much on your mind, yet you might feel complacent about them and have to push yourself to get anything done. And with the sun angling toward nebulous Neptune in your sign on Wednesday, you might experience tension in this regard. Sorting out your priorities and making a to-do list could certainly help.  However, it would be a shame not to make use of Thursday’s new moon in your sector of goals to push forward with a plan that’s important to you. If you can focus on and visualize the outcome, this could ignite your enthusiasm and inspire you to make a start. With expressive Mercury turning direct on the same day, your efforts should begin to bear fruit sooner rather than later.

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