April 19, 2018


March 21 – April 19 

You and your partner might be spending money like water this week. Although you have plenty of cash flowing between the two of you lately, there seems to be a certain overly indulgent behavior that leads you to be more foolish about your cash. Sure, it's fine to splurge on gifts and nice things for one another every now and then, but you guys can really go overboard now with your champagne taste and caviar dreams. For the overall health of your relationship and finances, you might want to stick to one major expenditure for each of you. Sock away the rest of your cash for a rainy day. They always turn up



May 21 - Jun 20 

You are definitely feeling the love these days ... maybe a little bit too much. Sweet, gooey sentiments are oozing from you towards your mate -- and vice versa. The two of you are truly enjoying every drop of this mutual lovefest but honestly, it might all be a little too much for anyone else to witness. Your friends or family members might be rolling their eyes at the two of you, feeling as though you've gotten a bit out of hand with the PDA. While you don't need to turn it down, you might need to consider where and when you're doting on one another endlessly. For heaven's sake, get a room!



May 21 - Jun 20 

You and your partner are focusing strongly on the mind-body connection, both personally and as a couple. There is a powerful opportunity for a physical or mental health transformation -- and your partner is the one who will be instrumental in helping you achieve it. Perhaps your sweetheart is helping you do some research about the best possible treatment modality if you are going through a health situation. Or, he or she might be the one going with you to your doctor's appointment. If you happen to be getting surgery or another medical procedure this week, then your partner will be your rock ... and your nurse. You are blessed!



Jun 21 - Jul 22 

If you're single, this week might literally make your head spin. Romantic opportunities are likely to come your way at every turn, making you wonder how you'll ever choose from the buffet of romantic options. The good news is that since you're single, you don't have to! This is a great time to go out on multiple first dates with people in order to get a sense of who you should devote more time to and get to know better. There's no need to make a significant investment in any one person right now. Instead, have some fun and be open to the possibilities. There are plenty!



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

There's a lot happening in your world these days related to career, Leo, but you can also anticipate plenty of action connected to your domestic world this week. Your lover might feel as if you have no room for him or her because of it, but not to worry -- this isn't likely to cause any strife. In fact, it might be a situation of "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Hey, it's only a week! If you're in a committed relationship, then your partner might make a snap decision this week to go back to school or quit school. Either way, it'll be a shock.



Aug 23 - Sep 22 

Expect a great deal of communication between you and your lover. For the most part, it'll be the type of conversations that really matter -- and there will be a whole lot of them. One topic the two of you might discuss at great length is religion or spirituality. You might feel a desire to take a spiritual quest together. This can be literal travel, but it might also be a workshop or other event you and your love attend. It'll certainly open your mind. If you're single, this might be a potent week to meet someone new. This person will be practical and grounded, yet also have many differences that set him or her apart from any other dating prospect.



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

Get ready for your partner to shake things up in your love life ... again. You might be tired of this theme, Libra, but if you haven't learned yet to roll with the punches when it comes to your love life, you really do need to get on board. The Sun and Uranus will collide in your partnership sector on Wednesday, making it impossible for anything to remain the same in your relationship. The good news is that you are not in a boring phase at all. The bad news? You might be craving boredom more than anything else at this point. It continues to elude you, at least for now.



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

Your relationship is in overdrive -- and can possibly lead to overstimulation. While this could mean having too much of a good thing in terms of the physical senses, it's more likely that you've been craving this for quite some time. Perhaps you and your partner are thoroughly exploring the physical and emotional intimacy side of your love life. You might invite a sex therapist, tantric healer, or other professional into your relationship in order to help the two of you get to where you both want to be. This will be a good thing, so don't feel uncomfortable about it. Talk about what you want and need physically because that will help you get it this week.



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

Expect a wild card week when it comes to your love life. The Sun and Uranus will collide in your romance sector on Wednesday, causing sparks to fly everywhere. If you're dating someone, then you can expect a twist of fate to occur -- one that may possibly change the dynamic of your relationship altogether. While this doesn't have to be negative, it will be destabilizing ... at least at first. You won't know what hit you and may need time to adjust to whatever shift happens. Single? Cupid's arrow might hit you when you least expect it. Get ready!



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

Your friends might have a lot to say about your love life. While it's not likely to be anything negative, you may start to wonder why all your pals seem to think that the main topic of conversation these days should be who you're dating or sleeping with. Perhaps they're living vicariously through you, but this might make you uncomfortable at some point. However, since you're not the type to kiss and tell, there really won't be too much detail behind their dialogue. They won't have the slightest idea just how intense the physical connection gets this week between you and your lover.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

Although you're not the type who typically likes to stay home all day on the couch and veg out, this will definitely be the kind of week where you much prefer to "Netflix and chill" with your lover rather than paint the town red. You're in nesting mode and for whatever reason, your partner is on the exact same page. Perhaps you just moved in together. If so, you both want to spend as much time puttering around your new place getting things in order. It's also possible that you want to escape from life's drama and feel that the only way to do so is at home, in each other's arms. Either way, it's a calm week in matters of the heart. Enjoy it!



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

There might be so much communication this week between you and your mate that you feel overstimulated. The conversations appear to be all over the place and you'll do your best to follow the different threads and tie everything together. It seems as though your partner is trying very hard to think something through and will want to use you as a sounding board in this process. Sure, this might leave you with a headache, but aren't you grateful that your partner sees you as his or her person? Come on, you know you are.

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