August 17, 2017

BY Brad Pye Jr. 

Sports Editor Emeritus 


Notes, quotes and things picked on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.


Every time you hear that the San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds hit 756 homeruns in his career you have to stop and think how amazing that is!


If the L.A. Sparks are going to repeat as WNBA champions Candace Parker and NnekaOgwumike will have to carry the load. The Sparks’ duo is averaging in double figures in most of their games.


And the beat continues!


The late Don Baylor was paid $34,000 by the Oakland Athletics. Angels’ late owner Gene Autry tore up the contract and wrote Baylor a bonus deal for a $1.6 million. Baylor won the MVP award as an Angel. Baylor’s Angels teammates included Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Fred Lynn et al. Angel Manager Mike Scioscia in a tribute to Baylor declared; “He was incredible. The passion he had to help people, his faith—everything you strive to be as a human being, He was off the charts,”


Let the record show Baylor was only one of four men in baseball history to win the MVP and Manager of the Year awards, Baylor was one of three kids who integrated schools in Austin,TX. He was the first student of color at Stephen F. Austin High School and could have been the first Athlete at the University of Texas, until he rejected a football scholarship from Darrell Royal.



Former Ohio State QB Cardale Jones could turn out to be a great sub for Coach Anthony Lynn’s L.A. Chargers.




Check this! The Dallas Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott had a 137.8 passing rating of all signal callers last season. Now that’s not too tacky!







The OKC Thunder are set with record setting and MVP Russell Westbrook and ex-Indiana Pacers’ Paul George at least for this season. Westbrook (unless the Thunder can get him to sign a five year $217 million contract before next season and for George to ink a lucrative deal next season. Or Westbrook and George will become free agents next summer.



And the beat continues!



The former Texas and Louisville coach Charlie Strong picks up a talented team at USF vs. a light schedule against QB Lamar Jackson and Quinton Flowers. Flowers could be a Heisman Trophy candidate.




Now hear this! Floyd Mayweather Jr. says: “I wouldn’t be satisfied with a victory if I didn’t get the knockout.” Mayweather battles Connor McGregor on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena.




Another NFL wife beater has bitten the dust. He is the Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott. Unfortunately, Elliott has learned you can’t beat women, if you hope to play in the NFL.


Question? Are the penalty people being harder on Elliott than they are several other punished players? Yes! Just check the records!


If the L.A. Angels earn a wild card berth, they could go as far in the playoffs as the currently division leading L.A. Dodgers.


If this should happen wouldn’t this really be something special?


The Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie Josh Dobbs could be the real good! Dobbs passed a 28-yard pass in his debut vs. the New York Giants.


Coach Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks appeared in mid-season form in that 48-17 smashing win over the L.A. Chargers and starting QB Phillips Rivers and Seattle’s QB Russell Wilson didn’t play much after a few opening calls.. But young QB Cardale Jones and veteran Trevone Boykin put on some exciting shows.


Check signals! The follow up test reports says Tiger Woods reportedly had several drugs in his system. The original police report claimed Tiger was drug free.


Our home town girl, Allyson Felix has topped the great Usain Bolt in medal wins. Felix won a gold medal in the 400x 400-meter relay and the 400x100m relay, Felix also won a bronze medal in the 400m relay race. This gave her 16 medals to Bolt’s 14. Felix told the media it’s a great honor to run for the relay team for the team USA. Felix won her first medals at the worlds in Helsinki.


That Bronco A.C. Cowling drove O.J. Simpson in that slow speed freeway chase is expected to be auction from $300,000 to $1-million. A really nasty sting is attached to that car.


Check this! The Golden State Warriors will play on national TV 43 times and the Cleveland Cavs and Houston Rockets will play 40 games.  


This is the end!


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