July 20, 2017 

By Brad Pye Jr 

Sports Writer Emeritus 


Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.


Lonzo Ball hasn’t disappointed in his Summer League play in Las Vegas. In a 36-point blowout against Philadelphia, Lonzo continued to play like the superstar he is expected to become every time he plays.







Here is the latest word from Kobe Bryant after he became the father of a third girl:


“My friends say: “It takes a real man to make a boy. I’m like, Dude, it takes a king to make a princess.”  Didn’t Kobe say the same thing after his second girl?






Ice Cube explains why he moved his Big 3 basketball league inaugural Game out of T-Mobile in Las Vegas to make room for the Connor McGregor-Floyd May­weather Jr. SuperFight. The Game will be played at the MGM Garden Arena.







The L.A. Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen is 23 in save chances and striking out 61 and walking only four at the moment.






The OKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Simone Biles were named ESPY’s male and female athletes of the year. Westbrook was the sixth consecutive Best Male Athlete Award. Biles copped the Female U.S. Olympic Athlete honor.



The Golden State Warriors had to settle for winning their second NBA Championship in three years, but CKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and U.S. Olympian Biles was the recipient of female honor.






Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the most beautiful lady on the stage as she saluted Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver as the posthumous Arthur Ashe Courage award for her work in founding the Special Olympics. 



Dodgers Hall of Fame Broadcaster Vin Scully was named Icon of the year by ESPY.


For 64-years and Vinny forever.


And the beat continues!




Come on….Markelle Fultz of the Philadelphia ‘76ers! The Lakers’ Lonzo Ball is going to leave you behind the way he is popping the ball through the nets. Injuries has hampered Fultz’s play.


Lonzo and his Lakers captured the Las Vegas Summer League with a 110-98 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers Sunday night.


O.J. Simpson is expected to walk out of Nevada a free man sometime Thursday night July 20. O.J’s attorney, Yale Galanter says, “if he was sitting next to me. I’d say ‘Listen. Be thankful you got out in nine years. Go lie in some small quaint golf community. Stay under the radar, don’t attract any attention and spend as much time you can with your family and your friends with whatever time you have left on this planet and just don’t cause any trouble.” .


That’s the end!


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