January 19, 2017


With Mars in Pisces and a quieter sector of your chart, it could be difficult to feel as motivated as usual. Tie this in with sobering Saturn and you could decide to stay put and not venture too far out of your comfort zone. However, other influences may call out to you to do exactly that. Curiosity may be what eventually encourages you to step forward no matter what. On another note, desire could pave the way to an intense conversation.



You might be surprised by how little has changed. And yet something within you may be urging you to be more adventurous and take the road less traveled. You may also find the company of friends to be a little superficial if it detracts from the thoughts and intense feelings you are having. While peace and quiet can be useful for capturing key insights, getting out and about can take your mind off things, and this can be good for you, too.



While you may be eager to push ahead on an important goal, someone may be urging caution. Should you listen? Perhaps not, as another potent blend of energies suggests that your instincts are at play here, and what you intuitively perceive as being a good move might well be. There are times when certain people in your life have good advice for you, but during the early part of this week it could hem you in rather than help you out.



As the Sun enters your sector of shared finances, this can be an opportunity to take stock of your money situation. Simply shining a light on it and getting a sense of what's working and what isn't may encourage you to come up with a plan of action. At the same time, thoughts of faraway places and fun in the sunshine suggest that you may be ready to take a vacation. This might seem impossible when you consider your workload, but is it really?



Relationships could take center stage in the coming four weeks, as the Sun, your personal planet, moves into Aquarius on Thursday. When it comes to a budding romance, things may not be going as smoothly as you'd hoped. But don't take this as a sign that it isn't meant to be. These could be minor troubles. In fact, passions could boil over with interesting results as the weekend approaches. In a relationship? Working as a team on a challenge might enhance your bond.



While you may have the practical ability and knowhow, someone else could have the inspiration. A lively link this week could see you and another collaborating on an idea that looks likely to be a resounding success. This can also be a good opportunity to review your lifestyle and wellness routines and consider making a few changes. Seeing as you love efficiency, paring down your schedule could be the secret to enjoying the days and weeks ahead.



Although you're known for your tact and discretion, you also admire people who speak their mind. You could meet someone like that early in the week, someone who's willing to say exactly what they think. Will you be upset? The present blend of energies hints that you may find this quite refreshing, especially if you agree with the comments. In fact, they could even be the catalyst for a decision that changes everything. Meanwhile, if you want to indulge this weekend, enjoy it!



As the Sun eases into your domestic sector today, this can be an opportunity to take a step back from life. Although there is still a lot going on in many areas, time to reflect and consider your priorities can be very useful now. There's also a strong focus on developing your creative skills, although you may wonder whether it's worth the expense of doing so. Don't let such doubts put you off. What you stand to gain is priceless.



This can be a week of interaction, short journeys, and catching up with administrative tasks. In fact, with the Sun entering your sector of communication for a four-week stay, you could be involved in this for some time. However, doors can open and new opportunities present themselves because of your efforts. You have a lot to look forward to, so try not to be perturbed by family members who would prefer that you put your energies into more domestic matters.



With Saturn, your personal planet, moving through your spiritual sector for some time now, an inner wisdom may have developed because of key experiences. Things may not always have been comfortable for you - even a little painful at times - but an awakening may have occurred out of this. If everyday matters seem a little trivial at times, apply this deeper knowledge to change your perspective. Finally, a desire to get to know someone better may be worth following up.



This can be a positive week and something of a rebirth as the Sun dances into your sign after journeying through the more mystical sector of your chart. Clarity may dawn over the coming days, as well as a desire to get cracking on plans that you've been dreaming up over recent weeks. Another lovely lineup could encourage you to explore possibilities connected with a recent encounter. The person's inspired view on life could act as a catalyst for you.



After a hectic start to the month, you may feel like enjoying more time to yourself in the coming four weeks. You'll still be busy, and your friends will still be eager for you to join them for evenings out, but you'll also recognize the value of reflection and meditation for the insights they can bring. The weekend may have romantic overtones and a sizzling date night to look forward to. A movie could also have quite an impact on you. 

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