December 08, 2016 

By Kimberlee Buck 

Contributing Writer 

Legendary comedian, actor, author, and motivational speaker Michael Colyar has been in the game for a number of years. Just when fans thought Colyar had done it all, he makes his biggest career move yet, bringing his funny to the Dallas radio show, the “Afternoon Rush.”


The comedian shares the show with his two female co-hosts, Loni Swain from “Dish TV” and Ebony Steele, who formerly worked on the “Ricky Smiley Morning Show.”


“My co-host are fabulous. The three of us really compliment each other’s style because we are different in so many ways but we are also kind of similar,” said Colyar. “So, it is like a new family. We are merging with each other and moving and grooving and making it all fit, and it’s nothing but fun. We are just laughing and having the time of our lives and when it is all over, they pay us.”


The show, which airs weekdays 2-6pm CST, discusses adult contemporary topics.


“It’s music driven, but on our breaks, we cover everything that’s hot and current and dealing with Black people,” said Colyar. We are tickling funny bones, we are following what’s going on with the police killing us in our communities. We talk about what’s going on in entertainment and Black music, culture and films.”


Aside from these topics, the radio host also has a few of his own segments. Every Monday is “Michael at the Movies,” where he reviews movies from his perspective. Colyar also has a segment called, “Michael Loves Food,” where he provides listeners with comical cooking tips, lessons and more. A few weeks ago, he taught his audience how to make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron.


“We approach everything with a humor and a likeness and an energy that drives the community. It’s the ‘Afternoon Rush’, and that’s what we want to give people, a positive rush on life. We want listeners to be ready to go and energetic,” said Colyar.


Colyar was given the opportunity to join the “Afternoon Rush,” after a friend spotted him at one of T.D. Jakes live service in Dallas. Later, Colyar received a phone call from his friend offering him the position as the new co-host of “Afternoon Rush.”


Colyar describes the opportunity as a blessing. 


“The way this came to me was so magical and beautiful that I know it is the correct thing for me,” said Colyar. “Even if it is just for a short period of time, or whatever period of time that it is, it’s perfect because I already learned so much just being there. I have already met so many great people and had so many great opportunities and I have only been there four months.”


As a Chicago native, the city’s high number of Black-on-Black killings is nothing new to Colyar. In fact, it has inspired his latest project, a small film tilted, “The Sound Track of my Life.” Artist’s such as Twista, Da Brat, and Dave Hollister are already working on the music for the film.


“It’s a cold piece of music and an awesome story that reminds Black people of their heritage and asks them to put the guns down,” said Colyar.


According to Colyar, everyone involved in the project is working for free. All of the proceeds raised from the project will go toward building music studios and projects in Chicago for inner city children.


“When we say put the guns down, we don’t mean now you are on your own. We mean, put the guns down and we can show you how to be a young Jay-Z. Maybe we can show you that there are some other options besides standing on the corner or being mad at each other,” said Colyar.


Aside from his latest film project, Colyar is also enjoying the success of his newest adult poetry book, “Miss Innocent Goes to Kool Skool and Other Silly Stuff: A Poetry Book for Adult Children.”


Colyar utilizes poetry to describe his journey from Chicago to Hollywood, and his roller coaster ride of success and failure and his crack addiction. The Kindle edition is on Amazon. Hard copies will become available after December 9.


“I have been wealthy three times, but I have been broke 18 times. I am way more familiar with broke than I am with wealth. But, I know how to get around broke—we like family. It’s an awesome book. I guarantee I will sell a million copies of that. But that’s not all I am doing, I also have my one man show,” said Colyar.


 The one man show, “Michael Colyar’s Mama,” is a two hour dramatic play discussing Colyar’s evolution in life. Curtains will open at Barnsdall Theatre in Hollywood on February 3, 4 and 5.


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