September 22, 2016 

By Shonassee Shaver 

Contributing Writer 

Rising stars, Chloe x Halle, not only are building a name in the music industry, but are staying connected to the community while supporting their fans at the Back-To-School Party. They took to the stage to perform and bring in the new school year with a live performance at the Baldwin Hill’s Crenshaw Plaza Mall Center Court in Los Angles, Saturday, August 27.


Atlanta natives, Chloe (17) and Halle (16) Bailey were discovered by musical icon, Beyoncé in 2013. The duo caught her attention as they rose to stardom on YouTube when their cover of “Pretty Hurts” went viral, garnering nearly 12 million views. Beyoncé shared the cover on her Facebook page, and a year later the singer signed them to her music label, Parkwood Entertainment for $1 million. “We’re in awe every day,” Chloe told “We pinch ourselves. We’re just two girls who love music and just want to make it fun and we get to make a life out of this. “We were screaming,” said Chloe. “Because that’s like, Queen B,” they gushed over being discovered by the icon.


Before heading back to class, teens were able to see Beyoncé’s protégés grace the stage with attention grabbing performances with songs “Drop,” “Fall” and “Thunder” and many more from their debuted five-single EP “Sugar Symphony”. The singers motivated the youth, telling them to excel in school and to pursue their dreams while being strong and confident in who they are.


On how they balance work and school, “I’m home-schooled,” Halle stated. “It’s great for my schedule, but with everything so busy, I realized I have to get ahead and work on the weekends and stuff. So that’s just something that I have to do. But I’m happy that I have that education,” reports


Their performance ended with a meet and greet with no shortage of teens waiting in line to get an autograph and a take selfie with the talented singers.


Chloe x Halle brought out true fans at the Back-To-School Party. “I love their single, “Thunder,” said Paris. “I think it is great that they were signed to Beyoncé’s music label. “Justin Bieber was one of the first to be discovered on YouTube, and then it started getting really popular to be noticed on the website. “Chloe x Halle have such beautiful voices, it’s hard not to notice them. “I discovered their music in 2014 and have been watching their videos ever since, they’re really talented.” On heading back to school, “I love school honestly,” Paris confessed. “I liked the whole going back to school vibe. Math is my favorite subject,” said the 11th grader whose taking her proficiency test to go to college. 


On Chloe x Halle’s performance, “It was wonderful, I loved it, I think they’re about the best and youngest group ever,” stated a fan. “I started listening to them a month ago and I saw them perform at the BET Awards. They brought me out to today’s event They’re worth me and my baby’s time.”


Another concertgoer saw the Back-To-School Party featuring the duo on a Facebook event page, “I’m a huge fan of Chloe x Halle. I think they show a lot of maturity in their music. The sisters are past their years and have a very developed sound. You can tell Beyoncé knew what she was thinking when she found them.”


The BTSP brought the community together as well as showcased talent featuring recording artist Lil Raucy who performed bringing the latest R&B and hip-hop sound to rock the stage. Fifteen year-old singing sensation Aliyah Moulden who covered Adele’s “When We Were Young” stated, “singing is what I love to do, I’ll perform for 2 people to 2,000 people.” “I think everyone has to start somewhere.” The budding singer feels it is important to enjoy the journey, particularly talent shows that inspire hopeful artists.


The back to school affair teamed with Dr. JJ Spinner’s Bully Awareness Network (B.A.N.), who opened for Chloe x Halle to express the significance of encouraging youth to stand against bullying. “My mission as the founder and CEO of Bully Awareness Network is to empower youth by giving them options over bullying. “Some of those options include entertainment, artist development, workshops, events throughout the year, as well as education, which offer tutoring, mentoring and entrepreneurship, where we teach kids how to have business plans and produce sale pitches.”


Actress, Jillian Estell (“Black or White”) attended the event telling the audience she was once a victim of bullying but overcame. She currently stars in NBC’s drama “Night Shift.” Desreta Jackson (“The Color Purple”) encouraged the youth to stand up for themselves and to not be bullied by others, she expressed to the crowd, “definitely don’t let anyone tell you that you are less than.” 


Storm who performed with her infused clowning and krumping dance group Boom Squad !!! was for the anti-bullying campaign. ”It is good for us as young ladies and our squad which includes a few boys to feel good that we can be in a positive environment to show off our talent to everyone in Los Angeles, especially at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.” “Everyone knows this mall and it is great to show that if my kids were being bullied, they could still come out and have fun and do what they have to do, expressing themselves through dancing.”


Dance leader, Boomer, reflected on how clowning and krumping has been an urban staple in Los Angles entertainment, originated by Tommy the Clown. “Back in the day I use to dance with Tommy the Clown, I started my own crew called Boom Squad !!!, we do birthday parties, events, teach workshops and free dance classes.” “Tommy put the platform out for thousands of people, it went from clowning to krumping.  “From film, Rize to people dancing from Chicago, overseas and all around the world, it’s a great feeling for what he is doing out here for the kids and the community, big shot out to Tommy.”


Jenae Epson, Miss Jr. Teen Golden State Queen 2016 attended the event, she used her platform to discuss her advocacy for supporting and aiding to kids that are homeless and in foster care. She uses her title to bring positivity while engaging with the community.


Entertainer Michael Keith and Maireen Kate Missouri Jr. Teen made an appearance at the Back-To-School Party.


The BTSP was a part of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw’s ongoing efforts to provide the community with quality music performances throughout the year, making BHC a vibrant, culturally relevant destination to shop, dine, and be entertained. BHC community members enjoyed complimentary desserts from Southern Girl Desserts, free giveaways, a live DJ and more!


Chloe who appeared in Beyoncé’s visual album, Lemonade along with her sister Halle and opened for the European leg of The Formation World Tour, met and starred with the legend in 2003, playing the younger version of Beyoncé’s character, Lilly in the Fighting Temptations.


They are making their presence known in the entertainment industry, landing their first major magazine cover with Paper’s September 2016 “1000 Beautiful People” issue, accompanying Beyoncé at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards, to attending New York Fashion Week. In March 2016, they were introduced by Michelle Obama at the White House Easter Egg Roll, where they performed “Fall,” Michelle Obama's “This Is For My Girls” and “Baby Bird.” Chloe x Halle performed at the 2016 BET Awards.


Following their EP “Sugar Symphony,” Chloe x Halle are gearing up to release new music featured on their debut studio album this fall. According to, the title of the album is currently unknown, but it will showcase between 10 to 12 tracks written by the two sisters and will feature creative inspiration. Chloe x Halle will tour with Andra Day November 6 at the The Fillmore in San Francisco.


Go to and follow @chloeandhalle to keep up with Chloe x Halle and their music and tour dates. “Sugar Symphony” is available on Spotify, iTunes and Tidal.

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