April 14, 2016


March 21 – April 19 

Although it's always good to act on inspiration, don't immediately jump regarding an idea that concerns your finances. You could be misleading yourself on this occasion. There's a delightful trine between Venus in your sign and Mars in Sagittarius, suggesting that romance is possible when you move outside your comfort zone. This weekend, keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity that could lead to a new and exciting career development. Finally, you might be forced to postpone some travel plans. 



May 21 - Jun 20 

You'll know exactly what a friend is thinking even if he or she stays silent. If your mind is set on a certain course of action, you might choose to ignore any subtle hints. This week actively encourages you to do what pleases you rather than what seems agreeable to others. You'll make more progress if you act on a deeply meaningful plan rather than get involved in other people's projects. Starting this weekend, you'll gain by saving rather than spending. 



May 21 - Jun 20 

With Mercury in a more secluded area of your chart, you'll find it easier to connect with your deeper feelings and forge a relationship with your inner self. If you take note of your dreams, they could be the driving force behind a career plan or project. Concerning romance, Tuesday's delightful blend of energies could coincide with an encounter that takes your breath away. But with Mars retrograde as of Sunday, it would be best not to expect too much in this area.



 Jun 21 - Jul 22 

Inviting a friend to join you on a short trip or vacation might be a good idea, particularly if you get along well. This week you might find that your association grows deeper and becomes the kind of supportive friendship you've been seeking for some time. Tuesday could bring a career or work opportunity that shouldn't be missed. If you're offered a chance at a new position or contract, don't turn it down!



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

Could romance be in the air for you? Tuesday's alignment suggests it's possible. The delightful Venus/Mars tie could see you captivated by someone's company. Mars enters its retrograde phase at the end of this week, so it would be best not to have too many expectations about how things might turn out. Take each day as it comes. It's your best bet for now. Regarding a career decision, as of Thursday you might get a second chance at an opportunity you thought you'd missed.



 Aug 23 - Sep 22 

The week ahead could bring a small windfall your way, particularly around Tuesday, when a very promising aspect hints that some money might fall into your lap. Positive Mercury connections pave the way for you to expand your reach and explore new territory. You might decide to take up a course of study or attend a workshop that will teach you a new skill. Just getting away for a break could lead to an exciting opportunity for romance if you want it.



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

An encounter could perk you up this week. While this might be the start of a romantic relationship, it could also be the start of a supportive friendship, one that you'll deeply appreciate. Mars turns retrograde at the end of the week, so don't be put out if your newfound pal seems to lose interest in you. It isn't like that at all. Rather, they may have issues to attend to. If you can be patient, everything will come right in the end.



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

If you get a chance to earn some extra cash or a pay raise, take it. A promising alignment early in the week hints that if you're willing to put in some extra work, you can reap the rewards. Mercury in your sector of relating makes some lovely aspects in the days ahead, and these could be perfect for discussing business, collaborating on a plan, or chatting up a special person. As of Sunday, you'll benefit financially from cutting back.



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

You should certainly think about taking time out and doing something that you enjoy. And if it seems that you're too busy for romance, you might need to reconsider. A very upbeat aspect on Tuesday could see you dazzled by a special encounter. Will it come to anything? That depends on you! With Mars retrograde in your sign from Sunday, however, it would be best not to rush into anything. Take each day as it comes and see how things go.



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

You're moving through a phase in which the cosmos is actively encouraging you to live to your full potential. In order to do so, you might benefit from the services of a life coach or even a good friend who could spur you on to aim higher and overcome your fears. There's no need to rush, though. With both Mars and Saturn retrograde in your spiritual sector at the end of this week, you'll do best when you savor and learn from each moment.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

Friends can be very supportive when it comes to encouraging you to move outside your comfort zone. On Tuesday, one person in particular could succeed in getting you to take your first tentative step. The reason for this is likely that you're attracted to them and more than willing to pay attention to what they have to say. However, it would be unwise to expect too much of this relationship for now. Allow it to unfold organically for best results.



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

If an opportunity comes your way early this week, do take it. It may not come around again. In fact, as Mars enters its retrograde phase at the end of the week, you might find that someone else will grab the chance if you don't commit as soon as possible. On another note, a close bond with a certain friend is now possible, particularly if you're going through an experience that's deeply personal to you both. 

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