September 03, 2015


Aries March 21 - April 19 

Although you'll be eager to get started with your plans and projects, Monday needs some careful handling. A Sun/Neptune link suggests things may not be as they seem. Much as you want something to happen, you may need to be patient. However, you'll get there in the end if you take things one day at a time. Venus forges ahead on Sunday, so you may find that difficulties with romance or creative ideas can now begin to resolve themselves.


Taurus  April 20 - May 20 

Should you find yourself falling in love, try not to be in too much of a rush this week, as the influences around you could contribute to confusion and misunderstanding. Rather than feel disappointed, use this opportunity to reflect on what you really want out of a relationship. What would nurture you most? Thankfully, Venus, your personal planet, pushes forward from Sunday, so you may find that relationships, finances, and other key areas begin to show signs of improvement. 


Gemini May 21 - June 20 

You'll be eager to make a few changes on the home front, perhaps by redecorating or purchasing a larger property. The idea of expansion could be very appealing right now. Even so, avoid making important decisions on Monday, as you may not have all the facts. The Quarter Moon in your sign on Saturday encourages you to do more research than you might normally. Get into the details! If you've been having difficulty getting through to someone, this may change soon. 


Cancer June 21 - July 22 

You'll be in your element when it comes to expressing yourself, sharing your knowledge, and interacting with the world. Even so, avoid the temptation to share a secret on Monday, as it could backfire. If you're hoping to make a special purchase, wait a week or so, as you'll likely have a more positive buying experience if you do. Venus dances forward on Sunday, so financial delays could become a thing of the past. It's time to put new money plans into action.


Leo July 23 - August 22 

Avoid impulsive buys early in the week, as you may regret your purchase later. At the same time, if you're about to sign or commit to anything, be sure to read the terms and conditions before you go ahead. Meanwhile, though you may be eager to hurry romance along, it would be best to limit expectations and go with the flow. Once Venus pushes forward on Sunday, your love life should improve and you'll have a better idea of where you stand. 


Virgo August 23- September 22 

With Jupiter moving more deeply into Virgo, you seem eager to explore far horizons. You also seem more willing to experiment with new ideas and opportunities. Regarding relationships, be careful on Monday, as someone could have a hidden agenda. You might need to read between the lines. Subconscious desires could clash with your plans, so spend some time reflecting on what you really want. Once you're clear on that you can make great progress. Finally, it might be time to share a secret. 


Libra September 23 - October 22 

With a focus on your spiritual sector, it's time to attend to the inner game. You have a chance to be your own coach and mentor on the way to a successful future. However, in order to get ahead, you may need to change your attitude and beliefs, and you can only do that once you know what they are. Regular reflection and meditation can help you locate those crucial areas, as well as inspire you to go ahead and make those changes. 


Scorpio October 23 - November 21 


Be careful about confiding in anyone on Monday, as someone may not have your best interests at heart. Despite this, the people around you are largely supportive, with friends eager to be in your company. You'll be a positive asset to groups involved in community projects and any clubs to which you belong. You gain by volunteering your time to help others. Finally, Venus dances forward on Sunday, which hints at the possibility of progress regarding a goal or ambition.


Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 

You'll enjoy planning ahead and doing whatever it takes to make a dream a reality. The focus on Virgo encourages you to research your options and take daily steps to manifest your goals. Don't listen to anyone who tries to rain on your parade, especially early in the week. If you're feeling confident and have the know-how, it's time to go for it. Romance could show progress for the first time in quite a while as Venus turns direct on Sunday. 


Capricorn December 22 - January 19 

Try not to jump to conclusions on Monday. Instead, allow time to get to the truth of the matter, as it could save you embarrassment. You may be on a mission to expand your horizons and explore pleasantly challenging and exciting possibilities. Friday's Quarter Moon suggests that you'll be open to learning new things and you'll progress more easily if you do. And financial and business matters look set to improve as Venus moves ahead on Sunday.


Aquarius January 20 - February 18 


Your love life looks promising, and this week could well be the turning point you've been hoping for. If you've delayed making a key decision regarding a love interest or romantic partner, you'll feel more confident once this week is over. It's time to take advantage of any insights you've harvested while Venus has been retrograde. Now that it's set to push ahead on Sunday, it's time to stand firm and take action. Finances look a lot more promising, too.


Pisces February 19 - March 20 

Watch out for a misunderstanding on Monday. You and a partner or friend could get the wrong end of the stick. Bide your time and all should become clear within a few days. Although you're eager to progress on the job, don't rush any decisions, as new information could change everything. Despite a few mishaps, someone's caring approach can help you relax and feel better. And don't worry about asking for what you want. There's a very good chance you'll get it! 

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