June 11, 2015


By Kimberlee Buck 


On Monday, June 8, the family of 19 year old Tavin Price held their first rally on Crenshaw and Florence in order to raise community awareness about the teen’s death.


Price, 19, was shot on Florence Ave near Crenshaw for refusing to take off his red shoes. The teen was shot in front of his mother four times in both the back and chest. Members of the family said they are having a hard time coping with the death of their loved one.


“One breath at a time, it has been very difficult,” said Price’s cousin Chy Taylor. “We don’t know how to do, we are just doing.”


Family along with members of the community held a rally in the wake of the murder, handing out flyers and informing people on the streets of Crenshaw about the incident.


Minister Tony Muhammad had been part of  that rally.


“We appreciate Minister Tony coming out with the brothers,” said Price’s aunt Cashimier Smith.


On Thursday, June 4 the day of the murder, police took a 27 year old female into custody. The police department is still looking for the man responsible for the shooting.


“I would like to believe [the officers] are doing the best they can,” said Taylor. “I want the officers to capture the person who did this before he does it to someone else.”


 Video footage of the broad day light murder has not been released to the public or certain members of the family.


Today June 11, the family is holding its second rally of the month called “Why my Red Shoes?”


The family and community members will meet at 4:00 P.M. front of 6320 South Crenshaw and stop on Crenshaw and Florence.


They are asking everyone who intends to participate to wear all red to the event and stresses all are welcome.


“If they [people] have red, they can wear it. We aren’t discriminating, just come out and support us,” said Smith.


Members of the community are also welcome to join the family as they celebrate the life of Tavin Price at his funeral on Saturday, June 13 at 10:00 A.M at Angeles Funeral Home.


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