July 26, 2012

Organized by Khalid Shah, the tribute brought together various segments of the community in a show of unity to celebrate the work of Minister Tony Muhammad.  Some of those present included members of the Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party, the Native Americans, the local clergy, LAUSD, the business and entertainment communities and many others whose lives had been impacted via the work of the minister.

A celebratory Native American dance was followed by dinner and dessert (provided by Derrick Muhammad), a video presentation (by Dominique Di Prima) and a poem (by Sadiki Bakari).  Some of the guests paid homage to Minister Muhammad’s work and presented him with awards. Some of the other guests included Marguerite La Motte, Dr. Samad, the Mooney Twins, Mollie Bell and Murad Bekkah.

The dais guests included Mrs. Muhammad, Na’im Shah, veteran Minister Wazir Muhammad and former Lynwood Councilman, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson.

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