May 14, 2015


Aries March 21 – April 19 

Commerce and communication rule the roost as Mars enters Gemini. It's a good time to acquire knowledge, whether you're eager to get a qualification to increase your income or you just enjoy studying. Go easy on Thursday, though, as complications could throw a monkey wrench in the works. Though it's tempting to feel frustrated, it's better to focus on the things you can accomplish. Things should be back to normal soon. Sunday's New Moon can be helpful for reorganizing finances. 


Taurus April 20 – May 20 

Money matters increase in importance from Monday as Mars stirs up this area of your life. While this influence can coincide with increased income, you might also have to deal with unexpected bills or expenses. Despite this, there are ample opportunities to earn extra cash if you want to. Be especially careful on Thursday, when frustration about money could come to a head. Sunday's New Moon in your sign can ring in some changes, encouraging you to take positive action. 


Gemini May 21 – June 21 

You'll begin to feel more like your old self again when Mars dances into your sign bringing lively ideas and unique opportunities your way. Your curiosity could lead you in interesting directions as you take in information, network, and make new friends. It helps to be discerning or you could find yourself drowning in a sea of facts. Set your course and stay on it for best results. Regarding money, an antique you own might be worth a lot more than you thought. 


Cancer June 22 – July 22 

Although you may feel pressured at work, a focus on your spiritual sector encourages you to take a short retreat. You might want to make this a regular habit over the weeks ahead, giving you a chance to relax and recharge. Be mindful of your dreams, too, as their inspirational guidance could help you overcome any troublesome issues. Thursday needs careful handling, especially if your energy isn't up to par. Lighten your schedule to make things easier 


Leo July 23 – August 22 

As your social life comes into focus you'll feel a renewed determination to mingle with like-minded people. Mars hikes into Gemini on Monday to usher in a period when it pays to network and move in new circles. Expanding your social horizons can be the best thing for you if you're searching for romance or a better job. On another note, trying your hand at a childhood hobby could be very rewarding and perhaps develop into a new source of income. 


Virgo August 23 – September 22 

The next few weeks bring opportunities to strike more than a few deals. Whether you're seeking a new job, contract, or promotion, the way you connect with others can be instrumental in your success. Interview experts, gather information, and network with all the right folks and you can't go wrong. Romance is in the air, too, particularly on Saturday, when a delightful transit is perfect for a special date. Meanwhile, Sunday's New Moon encourages travel to faraway places. 


Libra September 23 – October 22

All set for a wild adventure? This week's blend of energies can see you indulging a desire to explore and seek new experiences. Life could become more hectic and a lot more fun. However, things could come crashing to a halt on Thursday when an edgy influence causes frustration. If communication slows between you and another, ride it out. Things should be back to normal within a few days. Meanwhile, Sunday's Taurus New Moon can be helpful for reorganizing finances. 


Scorpio October 23 – November 21 

Your relationships have a soothing, grounding quality that makes your interactions positive and productive. The pace of life will speed up from Monday, particularly concerning finances and business matters. If you've been thinking of pooling your resources or talents with another, this is an excellent time to research your options. Thursday could bring delays to money matters, but if you're patient things should return to normal fairly quickly. Sunday's New Moon could enliven a budding romance. 


Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 

The people in your life will be enlivening and refreshing as Mars sparkles in your relationship sector. The folks you connect with can act as catalysts, encouraging you to try new ideas and opportunities. There may be times when you clash with them, too, but even this can have a productive outcome. Spoken for? You and your sweetheart may have a busy social life and plenty of plans. Looking for love? Dating should be a lot of fun, so go enjoy yourself! 


Capricorn December 22 – January 19 

You'll be motivated to tweak your diet and fitness regimen, and perhaps exercise more, too. In the next few weeks your energy level may peak, with a tendency to be restless. Daily workouts, hikes, and other strenuous exercise can help you stay calm and collected even in stressful circumstances. Allow yourself plenty of room to maneuver on Thursday, when things may not go as planned. Saturday offers the chance of a memorable romantic liaison. Perhaps you'll be eager to repeat it! 


Aquarius January 20 – February 18 

Your flirtatious side comes to the fore as Mars hikes into your pleasure sector this week. Eager to date? You'll be in your element and ready to grab a golden opportunity for romance. Hitched? It's time to rekindle the flame of passion by enjoying a short break along with a chance to celebrate your love for each other. The New Moon in your home zone on Sunday makes this an excellent time to get started on remodeling or a small DIY job 


Pisces February 19 – March 20 

Home is where the heart is when Mars dances into Gemini this week, encouraging you to get up to speed with household tasks and clutter removal. If you're feeling overwhelmed with stuff, you might be motivated to get rid of it, giving you more space for your plans and projects. In romance, Venus shines her tender rays over a special love tryst. Saturday is the best day to connect with your latest love. A soft, enticing mood could tempt you to indulge.

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