May 07, 2015



March 21 – April 19


It's a mixed week that seems to flow along nicely. Monday brings a chance to earn extra cash with a bright idea or new enterprise. If you need to make a decision, meet a deadline, or research your options, midweek may be your best bet. Homey ideas and family matters come to the fore when Venus glides into Cancer on Thursday. Relax and enjoy your personal space as well as try out new recipes, decorate, or apply yourself to an irksome but rewarding task.






May 21 - Jun 20


You'll be in your element and eager to forge ahead with your brightest and best ideas. You're more action oriented, too, and willing to do whatever is necessary to further your plans. Where finances are concerned, it's a good time to hunt for bargains, especially on any typically expensive items. Some research could save you a lot of money. Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer can inspire you to delve into the past, with a chance you'll want to connect with old friends






May 21 - Jun 20


Don't ignore your dreams or intuitive hunches, as you could benefit from valuable guidance if you pay attention. If you feel like retreating from the hustle and bustle of life, it's entirely natural. The Taurus Sun actively encourages you to take time out to relax and recharge. A focus on your money zone emphasizes your canny ability to spot a deal that's too good to miss. Selling unused items could be very profitable if you want to get rid of clutter






 Jun 21 - Jul 22


As Venus dances into your sign this week you'll become everyone's favorite. People will be attracted to what you have to offer. Your warm, cuddly persona could draw folks your way, for business or for romance, if you're looking for love. Things have eased since the frenetic pace you experienced earlier in the year, making this a good time to consolidate your gains. Finally, don't make snap decisions over the weekend unless you're sure you're on the right track.






Jul 23 - Aug 22


A serious mood works to your advantage if you can make important decisions and stick to them. With a focus on job and career matters, you'll certainly benefit from a more action-oriented approach to getting results. However, your social life continues to flourish, making this a good time to expand your network and move in new circles. The presence of Venus in Cancer suggests that the past could have a powerful impact on the present, whether by design or accident.






Work, communication, and home and family concerns keep you busy, but don't feel like you have to do it all. The wheels of commerce are turning in your favor, meaning you have every opportunity to get ahead if you're willing to network and get yourself known in all the right places. Your love life also gets a boost as Venus dances into Cancer on Thursday. It's a time for get-togethers, friendly celebrations, and more. Plus, food can be instrumental to romantic success.






Sep 23 - Oct 22


If someone opposes your idea, use a bit of charm and you'll be likelier to get your way. This is especially so when it comes to your job or an interview. The presence of Venus in Cancer hints that a capable yet courteous approach can win you Brownie points. When it comes to romance, there's still plenty of time to indulge your sensuous side. If you enjoy massages or spa days, this is the time to surrender to such pleasures for your benefit.






Oct 23 - Nov 21


Dealing with ongoing chores and other responsibilities early can clear the way for more fun later. Midweek could see you putting effort into resolving an issue that has caused frustration for some time. Yet your actions or approach to life may need to change in order for things to be different. Later, ask yourself if something you desire is worth the price, and second, if you're willing to pay it. The weekend could bring a tempting romantic offer your way.






Nov 22 - Dec 21


To keep from getting swamped by too much work or everyday responsibilities, devise a plan and stick to it. You might even want to delegate some of your tasks where appropriate. Lifestyle issues might also be at the forefront of your mind, especially if you want to lose weight or get fitter in general. Romantic and business relationships continue to show a positive side. Even so, it helps to be open-minded regarding someone's excellent suggestions, as they may benefit you.






Dec 22 - Jan 19


Say yes to any unexpected invitation. This week it seems that you won't have to venture too far out of your local area to have fun. Once Venus edges into Cancer it lights up your relationship sector, bringing warmth and understanding to your interactions. Meanwhile, you're eager to research your options regarding health and wellness issues, particularly as this is one of the best times to tweak routines and habits so they help create a fitter, happier you.






Jan 20 - Feb 18


You and your friends are on the same wavelength and may join forces for a cause. Aligning yourself with like-minded people can give you a feeling of purpose and power. Good news could come in the form of a moneymaking idea, raise, or possibility for advancement. Information you learn could have the potential to enhance earnings, adding to your comfort and security as a result. One thing to watch out for is overindulging, especially if you want to lose weight.






Feb 19 - Mar 20


While intuition and inspiration can be helpful, keep your feet on the ground and don't get carried away by a wild idea. If you need to make an important decision this week, it might be helpful to meet with a good friend who can to offer up ideas and suggestions that you haven't considered. When Venus edges into Cancer you'll enter a pleasure peak in which romance and some sizzling dates will be very much on the agenda.


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