February 12, 2015


By Charlene Muhammad 

LAWT Contributing Writer 

Whether you teach in a public, charter, independent or home school, the “Building Intellectual Equity” special online Black History Month course offers something to empower people of all ages, families, educators, and those who love learning.


Founded by Dr. Larry Muhammad, the Unlocking Genius Institute took a fresh approach to Black History Month and divided a four week course into the following topics.  “Black Creativity and Black Genius, The Power of Study/The Skills needed to mastering any Subject,” “Building Intellectual Equity,” and “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Healthcare and Economics.


Early registrants paid $25, a discount from the $97 course fee.  Ordinarily, the course fee would be approximately $400, according to facilitators.  Its 24 high quality video and downloadable lessons are also viewable on all mobile devices.


During a one-on-one interview with contributor Charlene Muham­mad, Dr. Muhammad explained the course outline, how longtime and novice educators may take advantage of it.  He shared more about the Unlocking Genius Institute’s aim to start a new tradition for Black History Month by not just celebrating Black heroes, but taking the time and opportunity to focus on learning and building a better learning environment.


L.A. Watts Times (LAWT): What inspired this Black History Month education project?


DR. LARRY MUHAMMAD (LM):   It came about from my work and effort to create the Unlocking Genius Institute (UGI). In launching UGI, I felt it would be ideal to launch it during Black History Month under the theme Building Intellectual Equity. This thought hit me after seeing the way our people were fighting and struggling with the issue surrounding Mike Brown and Eric Garner, and I asked myself what can we do as a community to ARM ourselves in an intellectual and intelligent way to prevent from becoming victims. What would be different if Eric Garner had been a product of a family and community that invested in him and made him a genius in creative ideas and thinking. He wouldn't haven fallen into the hands of wolves.


LAWT: How and why did you select the educators that have partnered with you to bring this to our people?


LM: These are some of the most active people in our community and not just action, but intelligent, researched based action. Very focused and effective people!


LAWT: Is it open to anyone who’d register or is it open to all, but centered just on Blacks?


LM: It’s open to everyone, but centered around focusing on Black families, although UGI’s long term goal is to serve all with a new educational paradigm and idea(s).


LAWT: How has it been received? Can you rate any feedback yet?


LM: It’s been received very well with positive results! Many people are not acclimated to learning online, but we are enrolling adults and families with children and they’re really enjoying it.


LAWT: Why was it important to launch it now?


LM: Black History Month will help to launch a suite of course offerings we have planned for families and for schools.


LAWT: What are your expected outcomes and what are your plans looking forward from this four-week special?


LM: My goal is to serve at least 500 families before the month is over. If we get close to the month and were not near that number, then I will make a special effort to offer the course at another special rate so families will enroll and experience what were experiencing.  Thank you!!


LAWT: And thank you, Dr. Larry.

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