July 12, 2012

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Urban League, Noel Massie, Board Chair, announces today the implementation of an Executive Search Committee to begin the nationwide search to fill the position of President & CEO of the agency. Departing President & CEO Blair H. Taylor will formally leave the League on July 20, 2012.


The Executive Search Committee is comprised of Los Angeles Urban League Board Members. Graciela Meibar, Vice President, Global Sales Training and Global Diversity, Mattel, Inc. and Debbie Pattillo, Director of Diversity Marketing, Southern California, American Airlines, are serving as Co-chairs of the committee. The entire Executive Search Committee members are: Wes Coleman, The Walt Disney Co., (retired); Michelle Merriweather, President, Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals; Patricia Miller, Vice President, Human Resources, Southern California Edison; Maxine Ransom Von Phul, President, Winmax Construction Co.; and Nancy Shelmon, Partner-in-Charge (retired), PricewatershouseCoopers, LLC. Robert D. Taylor, former Los Angeles Urban League Board member and member of the National Urban League Board also will serve on the Committee. Taylor was the chair of the 2005 search committee which successfully engaged Blair H. Taylor. The League liaison for the Board’s Executive Search Committee is Angela Reddock, Vice President, Human Resources.


“The Committee is pleased to begin the process of selecting the new leader of the Los Angeles Urban League,” said Meibar. “We are excited by the opportunity to identify and bring on board that committed, visionary and mission-driven individual who will lead the League forward, building on the successes of the past seven years of accomplishments, which include: the creation and implementation of Neighborhoods@Work; development of new 21st Century human resources processes and systems; achieving multi-year accreditation at Crenshaw High School; providing a global travel opportunity to China for high school students; and redesigning our Early Education and Development program. The goal is to conclude the search for the new President & CEO no later than December 2012.”


The Executive Search Committee has retained the services of The Hawkins Company as the executive search firm to lead the process. Inquiries for the President & CEO position should be directed to Bill Hawkins of The Hawkins Company. All inquiries will be kept private and confidential. To submit resumes and for information, the contact information is (310) 348-8800.


“During our search for the new President & CEO, the Los Angeles Urban League will continue to build on the vision and strategic plan that was formulated under Blair’s leadership,” said Massie. “The Board of Directors and the League’s staff are focused during the transition on providing quality services, leadership and advocacy for the residents and neighborhoods served by the League through Neighbor­hoods@Work and our other programs and services. As examples, during the weeks ahead we are running our youth summer job program and recruiting children and families for our State Preschool program.”


The Board has put in place a governance team comprised of members of the Executive Team to provide oversight along with the Board of Directors of the daily operations and services of the League. The governance team represents the dominant focus areas of deliverables during the time of transition and includes: John J. Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Development, Government and External Affairs; Kyla Lee, Vice President, Finance; and, Angela Reddock, Vice President, Human Resources.


The management team will work in tandem with other Executive Team members and departments, including: Dr. Pat Phipps, Vice President, Early Childhood Development and State Preschool; Renita E. Smith, Vice President, Strategy; and L. C. “Chris” Strudwick-Turner, Vice President, Marketing & Communications. Com­mittees comprised of Board members support each of the agency departments. A complete list of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Urban League is attached.


“It is the intent of the Los Angeles Urban League as a community leader to foster healthy neighborhoods, create job training opportunities and find employment win-wins for the people and employers with whom we serve and work,” said Massie. “That goal continues and the League is fundamentally committed to excellence and working with our partners as we collectively grapple with the growing needs of our schools, children, communities and businesses.”

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