September 04, 2014


City News Service


Los Angeles and adjacent metropolitan areas ranked third in the country in exports in 2013, with $76.3 billion in goods shipped to overseas customers, U.S. Commerce Department officials said this week. The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim area was the source of 41 percent of the state’s exports last year, dwarfing those from other major cities in California, according to department officials. Coming in behind Los Angeles was San Francisco, with $25.3 billion in exports, San Jose with $23.4 billion, San Diego with $17.9 billion, Riverside with $9.6 billion and Sacramento with $5.8 billion.


Among the 7.1 million jobs supported by exports around the country in 2013, 802,274 were in California, according to the Commerce Department California exports — shipped primarily to Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and Korea — included computers and electronics, transportation equipment, machinery other than electrical, manufactured items and agricultural goods.


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