June 26, 2014


City News Service


Critics of a Southland lawmaker’s bill to require condom use in pornographic films shot in California recently spoke out against the legislation, saying it criminalizes the work of adult film performers and citing privacy concerns.


“We are not being heard by many in the Capitol. If they refuse to listen to us, we will show up on their doorstep, we will speak out until they recognize the legitimacy of our voices,” adult film performer Lorelei Lee said.


Nina Hartley, a porn star and activist, told Video News West that current practices, including regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases, protects performers.


“We cannot make it risk-free. Unless I'm going to be celibate my whole life, on camera or off camera, being sexual with another person contains risk,” Hartley said.


Hartley, along with fellow adult entertainment stars nikka Albrite, Alex Chance, Charli Piper and Mia Li, on Monday delivered a petition to Assemblyman Isadore Hall's office, asking the Compton Democrat to withdraw AB 1576. The petition containing the names of about 600 adult entertainment performers states that the signers “have serious concerns about the ways in which this bill violates our privacy, strips us of our rights, and criminalizes our work without addressing any of our actual labor issues.”


The bill was approved by the Assembly in late May. Hall has said the bill is meant to protect those in the adult film industry.


“We need to begin to treat the adult film industry just like any other legitimate, legal business in California. Legitimate businesses are required to protect employees from injury in the workplace,” Hall said during a floor debate on his bill.


Los Angeles County voters in 2012 approved a condom mandate for adult film performers. Hartley said she does not want to perform a scene with a condom, and maintains that it should be a performer’s choice.


“When you have lady parts and make a living with your lady parts, you can come talk to me about condom chaffing being a real thing or not,” Harley said.

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