June 12, 2014


Aries March 21 - April 19


Your dreams may have something important to tell you as Neptune rewinds and a Full Moon in Sagittarius whips up emotions. Stay alert for reveries that could provide guidance. Be careful with spending on Thursday, and consider carrying some spare cash in case of a potential credit card mishap. Although your social life looks bright, positive, fun, and delightful over the days ahead, take it easy on Sunday. An intense influence suggests it isn't a good time to start an argument.


Taurus April 20 - May 20


Venus in your sign tends toward passion, especially as it links with Pluto. If a relationship seems to have stalled recently, this blend of energies might wake it up and give it a new lease on life. However, when it comes to shopping, go easy on Thursday. A Full Moon in carefree Sagittarius might encourage you to splurge just for the fun of it. However, a partner may not be amused. Try to rein in your spending if you can.


Gemini May 21 - June 20


As Neptune enters its retrograde phase in your career sector, you could get an insight into a situation that's been bothering you for some time. Clarity may dawn, helping you to make an informed decision. Relationships get a boost as the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings lively dynamism to your love life. Thursday can be a great day for a special date night, but try to avoid unnecessary drama if you can. If someone is tempted to overstep the mark on Sunday, be patient.


Cancer June 21 - July 22


With the Sun in your spiritual sector, try to make time to relax and reflect every day. Adopting a regular meditative habit could give you a fresh perspective on problems and greater confidence in dealing with them. Meanwhile, a Full Moon on Thursday could encourage you to indulge your sweet tooth. If you're feeling on edge, work out rather than eat, which could put on the pounds. A situation at home could come to a head on Sunday. Try to compromise and avoid arguments.


Leo July 23 - August 22


Romance may be your number one preoccupation this week, as Neptune rewinds in your sensitive Eighth House. Dreams of a loved one could wrap you in delicious fantasies in the days ahead. Also, a Full Moon in your love affair sector might encourage you to take the plunge. While you may have a wonderful time, consider the consequences to avoid regrets. The weekend brings plenty of social opportunities, but you could also attract some jealousy, which you might need to deflect with your charms.


Virgo August 23 - September 22


Someone's agenda may grow clearer, but think carefully before you decide what to do about it. Thursday's Full Moon can be excellent for a party or other celebration at home. And the good news is that you can carry the fun over to Friday for more sizzling entertainment. You might encounter too much red tape at work on Thursday, leaving you to negotiate a compromise or find a loophole. Try not to mix money and love over the weekend - it likely won't work!


Libra September 23 - October 22


Tension may develop this week, particularly if you find it hard to see eye to eye with someone. You may have good reason to be annoyed with this person, but this isn't the time to ruffle feathers, particularly over the weekend. The Full Moon in your communication sector on Thursday could encourage you to say more than you intend. Considering the above, it's better to be tactful than too blunt. Arrange to do something fun with friends that day, especially if your self-esteem is low.


Scorpio October 23 - November 21


Neptune rewinds in your creative and romance sector on Monday, which might help you come to grips with a budding liaison. If you've been getting mixed signals, it might be not only due to Mercury retrograde but also to someone being undecided about their feelings. This week you may gain extra clarity, giving you a chance to respond accordingly. A hidden conflict could come into the open over the weekend, when swords may be drawn. Consider a compromise!


Sagittarius November 22 - December 21


You may feel full of life and energy during the Full Moon in your sign on Thursday. Try to avoid bluntness and hurting someone's feelings, as that could be one consequence of this Moon phase. On the other hand, it could coincide with a desire to have fun, go on an adventure, and live life to the max. Try not to mix money and friendship, especially over the weekend, as edgy aspects could turn a positive relationship into a minefield of awkwardness.


Capricorn December 22 - January 19


A focus on lifestyle options encourages you to think about your daily habits. This might be a good time to ditch those that aren't working for you and focus on adopting new measures that can help you achieve the success and fitness you want and deserve. Thursday brings a Full Moon in your spiritual sector, so your dreams may be particularly powerful and vivid. Take note. Some could have guidance that might help you with an awkward problem.


Aquarius January 20 - February 18


Your energy seems pretty good, though you might have a tendency to overindulge. You may enjoy researching diet and exercise options, and reading the latest information on achieving optimum health. Meanwhile, a Full Moon on Thursday is perfect for celebrations, parties, and all kinds of get-togethers. Although things could get very boisterous, it will likely be a lot of fun. Avoid holding your feelings back over the weekend. Talking over a problem could help you feel much better.


Pisces February 19 - March 20


Home and family affairs, along with leisure, pleasure, and other delights, can give this week a positive boost. Spending time with loved ones you enjoy hanging out with may be all you need to feel content. However, a Full Moon in your career sector could bring an opportunity to your attention. If so, take advantage of it. It may not last long. Thursday could spotlight difficulties in communication, but this can soon be resolved with skilful negotiation. Later, simply ignore a jealous friend.


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