February 20, 2014



Allow yourself to live your dream this week.  Don’t second guess your instincts or desires and you will find you are already the person who you always knew you could be.  Be courageous as you set forth to fulfill your goals. If doubt knocks, lock the doors and windows of your heart. Soul Affirmation: I make sure people understand that I am on their side this week.



Trust your special knowledge of yourself and the universe and use that knowledge as a guide this week.  Not everyone will trust in you know to be true.  Do not let their lack of faith shake your belief in yourself.  Knowledge of external processes is not nearly so important as knowledge of yourself this week. Soul Affirmation: Doing good this week is the key to feeling good.



It’s not always what you know, or even who you know that paves the road to success.  Sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time that counts.  Be prepared to answer when opportunity knocks this week. Accept your good fortune graciously,  and share it with others. Soul Affirmation: I go within myself to find a place of calm where I can rest.



In our society looks sometimes matter more than they should, but that is not to say looks don’t matter at all.  Presentation is important, keep that in mind as you walk through life. This week take a few extra moments to make sure that your physical self is as attractive as it can be. You will see a bigger than usual change not only in the way others feel about you but in the way you feel about yourself. Soul Affirmation: When things get strange I find peace in the ordinary.



A family treat is in store for you if you play your cards right. Family members are ready to praise you for your accomplishments if you approach them with modesty. Give yourself time for romantic encounters. The romantic vibe is high. Soul Affirmation: I keep my true purpose ever before my eyes.



Ask the friend who comes calling to tell you about the moneymaking idea that is on his or her mind. The two of you would be good together. Have a private chat with a family member. Make keeping secrets your specialty. Events bring stress but you’re cool. Soul Affirmation: I find joy in the simple pleasures of the week.



Responsibilities at home keep you from traveling. It’s all for the best. Outside ambitions can wait. Keep your spirit light! Look for love in the right places. Possibilities for love increase at home.  The tendency to overreact at school or work is strong. Guard against it. Soul Affirmation: My creative ideas are my greatest treasures.



Flexibility and cooperation are the words for this week. Driving a hard bargain will create an impossible barrier. It’s a great week for fun! Give in to it. Flow. Give in to the party mood but don’t forget school or work. Remembering to forgive and forget is especially important this week. Soul Affirmation: Moving slowly might be the fastest way for me to get there.



There is a lot on your plate. Be methodical about taking care of it. Get kids involved in something fun and educational. It’s a good time for it. Save time for romance. Visit a favorite restaurant. Appetites must be fed in a healthy way. Soul Affirmation: I seek the lighthearted flavor of love.



Make some plans regarding long-range financial security. Your present frame of mind is good for that. Someone you flirted with wants to be your companion. Give the universe a chance to bring love into your life by being a welcoming soul. Soul Affirmation: I give and the universe gives back to me.



A practical solution is at hand to one of your inventions. Give yourself some space to allow the answer to come to you. Any repetitive task, such as weeding the garden or washing the dishes or car, will be conducive to your receiving the solution. Soul Affirmation: Things are working together for my good.



You may feel an internal pressure towards responsibility this week. Go with the flow and this week will be like a gift. Judging others will bring harsh judgments on you. Let your words assist others in becoming more self-responsible. You are a good teacher of right actions. Soul Affirmation: I slow down and find the success that has been following me.


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