January 30, 2014



You’ll face a formidable task but if you defeat it you’ll take big steps toward a goal. Weigh in and give it your best. Your energy is high. The task looks larger before you start than it will once you’ve put your shoulder into it. Compromise with a partner. This week will bring more love than usual. Look for it. Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the blessing of life Lucky Numbers: 33, 45, 50



Speak out. Take center stage. Any subject you choose is ripe for the “rap.” People listen. Friends and associates will be impressed. Forgive a jealous soul who lingers nearby. Don’t neglect the home front. Soul Affirmation: My love of myself makes me lovable to others. Lucky Numbers: 2, 15, 16



Enjoy yourself. The need to do that will be very apparent this week. What will not be as apparent is the key to your enjoyment which will depend on the attitude you take to someone who has been getting on your nerves. Don’t think about them. Whenever the picture of their face appears in your mind use your imagination to turn that picture into a cartoon. Laugh. Soul Affirmation: I am in tune with the best that is in me this week. Lucky Numbers: 36, 39, 40



If you didn’t get invited to the party, that’s okay. If your air conditioner doesn’t work, if one of your favorite pieces of clothing has a spot on it, if your dinner guest didn’t show up, smile. Your ability to accept misfortune with a smile is going to be important to you this week. Soul Affirmation: I pay special attention to family members this week. Lucky Numbers: 4, 34, 51



This week will teach you a valuable lesson about money. Make a mental note of how you got into the shape you’re in so that you can avoid future mistakes of the financial kind. Request advice from a friend in money matters. Love and money mix well. Soul Affirmation: I let peace reign in my life. Lucky Numbers: 8, 32, 35



Emphasize generosity. Give and the gift itself will turn into a reward. This week is excellent for making important decisions and for reaching agreements with others. Agreement with your lover might be the most important one to try to reach. Soul Affirmation:  I stand firm in what I believe and am rewarded. Lucky Numbers: 9, 10, 23



You have opportunities to win big this week. Make the most of them. Stay alert to possibilities concerning a career move. You might see something that you believed was lost. It comes back to you this week. Give it your full attention. Soul Affirmation: I let my feelings bring me information that I allow myself to trust. Lucky Numbers: 23, 26, 31



Feel deeply for the sorrow of a loved one. They can sense your commitment and that will be a comfort. Change is coming into your life. Handle it in the manner that you usually handle change. Anchor yourself in the past and move forward. Soul Affirmation: I open up to the wisdom of children. Lucky Numbers: 1, 26, 39



Charm is an extremely effective tool for you this week. Charisma works better than at any recent time, especially at home. Shine brightly and let your glow work for you.  Your self-image is you most effective tool. Soul Affirmation: Romantic and financial rewards are calling me and I listen Lucky Numbers: 17, 29, 54



The spiritual package you’ve been waiting for is likely to arrive this week. It should assure you that you’ve been on the right track.  Your insights can be an inspiration to those who work with you. Love is the reward for generosity. Soul Affirmation: I seek good news by reaching out to those who love me. Lucky Numbers: 23, 26, 29



This week let your gentle spirit shines through. Your rough and tumble side is not appropriate for the relationships that you’ll encounter. Someone will need your understanding and sympathy. Give it with sensitivity. Soul Affirmation: My feelings are a reflection of the company I keep. Lucky Numbers: 17, 29, 31



Look for financial good news this week. Wow! It’s about time. This week might be a good week to window shop for a big vacation or extravagance purchase. Be sensitive to your lover’s needs this week. You may have been thinking too much of your own needs recently. Soul Affirmation: Being easy to get along with is the best thing I can do this week. Lucky Numbers: 2, 16, 40

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