January 02, 2014

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R Kelly’s ex-wife turned reality star Andrea Kelly had no qualms about her 11-year marriage with the singer being kept a secret.

“I think that the secretive part of our lives was good and bad in the sense that, going out, I could take my kids to the zoo. I’m not bombarded by paparazzi.

If I don’t want to wear makeup, I don’t have to. I can go to the grocery story. I can go to the movie—ain’t nobody chasing you,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

But like with most things, the mums the word relationship came with some negative aspects as well.

“When you’re going to events and you’re like, ‘No, this is Mrs. Kelly,’ and people go, ‘No, it’s not; he’s not even married.’ So then people are giving you a hard time,” she said.

Andrea worked as R. Kelly’s choreographer for three years and things eventually went from a brother-and-sister vibe to full-on relationship and later, marriage.

“I would travel with him to the studio because we would always work hand in hand in developing the show. I would go in and I was learning the music, because I’m that type of choreographer,” Andrea Kelly explained. “It just evolved. When I was with him, during that period of our life, it was more like I got to see Robert and the rest of the world got to see R. Kelly.”

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