November 21, 2013


Authority issues may arise early in the week. You can handle these thoughts by observing them and letting them go. Listen to some music that fills you with positive vibrations. Soul Affirmation: I see myself as a finisher rather than a starter this week. Lucky Numbers:  14, 40, 46



You have strong physical energy this week.  Make the most of it and get a lot of the work done that you’ve been meaning to get around to. This week’s a great week to get around to it! You’ll be very pleased at the end of the week with what you have created. Soul Affirmation: I concentrate on the highest possibilities this week. Lucky Numbers:  18, 22, 53



Freedom needs may be high this week. Use your powerful imagination to discover a way to feel freer in your current situation. At least in your personal space, let yourself be free and surrounded by objects and vibes that set your spirit soaring. Soul Affirmation: I speak my mind knowing that truth is my best defense this week. Lucky Numbers:  41, 44, 48



Passing on knowledge, or gaining some new knowledge, preoccupies your fine mind this week. You can teach as well as learn. Look for a way to combine these two activities. It will benefit the many that you attract. Soul Affirmation: I am uplifted by the presence of friends. Lucky Numbers:  7, 28, 29



Details, details, details. They are cluttering up your vision of the big picture. Be patient and deal with one detail at a time. You’ll soon see your big picture very clearly again. You are kind, and can be amazingly tolerant. Soul Affirmation: Giving is a luxury that a rich spirit can afford. Lucky Numbers:  8, 54, 55



Lots of wild ideas may occur to you this week, and you may want to act the mental daredevil. Be patient with those who are just learning or who want to do things the way they’ve always done them. Lead by example. Soul Affirmation: When I feel good about myself, the world feels good to me. Lucky Numbers:  17, 29, 36



A practical solution is at hand to one of your inventions. Give yourself some space to allow the answer to come to you. Any repetitive task, such as weeding the garden or washing the dishes or car, will be conducive to your receiving the solution. Soul Affirmation: I know where I’m going because I know where I’ve been. Lucky Numbers:  9, 10, 27



You may feel an internal pressure towards responsibility this week. Go with the flow on this and the week will be like a gift. Let your words assist others in becoming more self-responsible. You are a good teacher of right actions. Soul Affirmation: I take it easy on myself this week. Lucky Numbers:  17, 40, 48



Money may come to you from an unlikely source this week. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunity. Let your words this week paint the images of better ways of being in the world for yourself and for those under your care. Soul Affirmation: I invest new faith in everything I do this week. Lucky Numbers:  6, 23, 46



You may decide to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or you may hear from one while you are at work. How did they get your number? You’ll be pleased to connect again with this person. Soul Affirmation: Things are as I know them to be. Lucky Numbers:  9, 12, 48



You are full of ideas this week, and some of them have practical application. Pick and choose which ones to test as you move through your week. Keep a very positive outlook on all relationships. Soul Affirmation: I find comfort in the familiar. Lucky Numbers:  32, 34, 37



Too much information is as confining as too little information for you. Try to find a balance in your conversations with others. Listen and observe, and you’ll learn the thing that you are looking for this week. Soul Affirmation: I enlarge my happiness by forgetting about myself this week. Lucky Numbers:  11, 28, 41

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