October 24, 2013

City News Service


The Crenshaw/LAX Leader­ship Council (CLC) is composed of 25 community based activists with a history of advocacy and accomplishment in the area to be impacted by the new Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project. The mission of the CLC is to foster, advance and promote community-based dialogue and information sharing regarding the specific needs and preferences of residents and business people in the specific neighborhoods and communities where the Cren­shaw/LAX Transit Corridor light rail line will be constructed and operated, Los Angeles, Inglewood and El Segundo. The Mission Statement of the Crenshaw/LAX Leadership Council shows the groups’ dedication to promoting community based dialogue and information sharing.

The CLC has focused much energy and effort on advocating loudly that impacted communities be reflected in the workforce at the professional and craft level.  The CLC members, have taken on the task of monitoring Metro’s diversity goals, and informing their own networks about the progress and problems being encountered along the way.

Co-chaired by Arna Fulcher, First Community Development Corporation of First Church of God in Inglewood and Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, West Angeles Community Development Corporation, the CLC has become a resource to Metro and a voice for the Crenshaw/LAX project area residents and businesses.

The CLC closely monitors the results of Metro’s Construction Careers Policy, which though it cannot require a local hiring component, requires that 40% of the hours worked on large projects is completed by people who come from low income, economically disadvantaged communities across the nation. Many of the zip-codes along the project alignment qualify under such a provision. The public is encouraged to come and meet the CLC and learn more about the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project at the Metro to Crenshaw/LAX Bus­iness Opportunities Summit.

The CLC will support the Metro to Crenshaw/LAX Business Op­por­tunities Summit on Monday, Octo­ber 28 at the California African American Museum.  Metro’s goal of connecting small, women and minority owned businesses in the Crenshaw/LAX transportation corridor and in greater South Los Angeles with business and economic opportunities, are consistent with the goals of the Crenshaw Leader­ship Council.  CLC encourages all small, women and minority owned businesses in the Corridor to attend the Metro to Crenshaw/LAX Bus­iness Opportunities Summit and learn how to take advantage of the business and economic opportunities that exist at Metro.  For more information about the Business Summit visit www.metrosummitla.com.

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