October 24, 2013

By James W. Wade III

Special to the NNPA from The Call & Post


Cleveland felt let down when quarterback Brian Hoyer got hurt, since Hoyer had helped turn the Browns around, and he won two straight games. “He’s been a big part of what we’ve done the last couple of weeks. I think it was a little bit of a shock for the guys at first. But (QB) Brandon (Weeden) came in and played real well. I think the guys rallied around him. In the second quarter we got rolling and were playing a lot better there. I can’t say enough about Brandon coming in, and in the situation he did, not having practiced a lot this week and being able to play the way he did and get the job done,” said Browns coach Rob Chudzinski.

Cleveland has some great fans. Any team that wins, we will always see them come out to support them. “They always remember the ’64 championship, these people want a winner,” Jim Brown said.

While being interviewed by the NFL network, Jim Brown shared his view on the Trent Richardson trade. “Because of what you have to do when you rebuild, one man is not going to be a big deal…in your rebuilding unless he is a certain kind of a back,” Brown stated.

“He is not only a cherished member of the Browns, but his contributions to the NFL and its national prevalence are immeasurable,” said Browns CEO Joe Banner. Brown’s 1,863 rushing yards in the 1963 season remain a Cleveland franchise record. It is currently the oldest franchise record for rushing yards out of all 32 NFL teams.

Fans will always appreciate the legendary, greatest running back of all time, Jim Brown, especially in Cleveland, and it’s good to see him reunited with his team that he loves, dearly.

The Cleveland Browns presented Brown with the game ball at the end of the night.

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