September 26, 2013 

By Edward Rice, III

LAWT Contributing Writer


With more than 300,000 people expected to attend the Taste of Soul, the event offers a unique opportunity for corporate entities and community partners to connect up close and personal with the people they serve. Each year KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles nightly news anchor, Christine Devine seizes that opportunity and has become one of the station’s most popular ambassadors at the Taste of Soul.

“I look forward to it every single year. Fox hosts a booth there where we get to mingle and meet everybody and have the food, you do know I’m there for the food,” said Devine with a chuckle. “I think it’s just a great way to bring everyone together for a good time. I mean I can’t believe the amount of people there. It’s just a really good time.”

Devine, a 16 time Emmy winning journalist, has covered everything from the LA Riots, to elections and earthquakes. However, it’s her adoption segment Wednesday’s Child, which has captured the hearts of Taste of Soul regulars. “I find the people to be so loving and supportive, especially of Wednesday’s Child,” claimed Devine. “I can’t tell you how many hugs I get from people saying I love Wednesday’s Child. Just to get the support and love on that feels so good and I’m so appreciative.”  Wednesday’s Child is a showcase of children in foster care who need to be adopted. Not all children in foster care do, according to Devine, but a small portion find themselves in that position. “It’s a very small percentage but it’s a ruling by the court that ties be severed between birth family and children when there is no hope for unification,” she explained. As fate would have it Wednesday’s Child started out as an assignment, but it was the perfect assignment given the fact that Devine’s family had fostered and adopted children growing up. “I felt like I really understood the kids and their journeys and the families too,” she stated.

It’s evident for Christine that serving the community she covers is more than passion. Her deep commitment to the communities of LA derives from something that was instilled in her as a child. “My mother was in the Peace Corp in Brazil and my step father was in Tanzania. It’s that kind of philosophy that they came home with and they became educators—award winning educators,” she said proudly. “When I came to LA I knew absolutely no one so being involved in the community was a way to learn about the cities I was reporting on.” Apparently during that time she learned a lot about the communities she’d eventually cover and thankfully was moved to action. In addition to her involvement in Wednesday’s Child, Christine is also actively involved in The Good News Foundation. The Good News Foundation is an organization she founded along with four other Los Angeles newswomen that aims to make a difference and leave a legacy in Los Angeles through efforts such as building computer labs, a park and a library.

For the Arizona native, Taste of Soul is another chance to come from behind the anchor’s desk and come together with the people of LA. “I think the more we can bring the community together on a positive note, on a supportive note, on a ‘we can do this together note’ the better,” she insists.  “You know when you walk around people are laughing and smiling, enjoying the sun, enjoying the food, supporting the vendors and that’s what it’s all about, that’s what success is all about. So it’s a successful event by the people, for the people.”  Christine added, “I think its proof that people can come together on a positive note and have a really good time together.”

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