March 21, 2013



You’ll want to spend some time with a special friend this week just being together. If you’ve been neglecting a relationship because of work demands, this week is a wonderful week to set things to rights.  Soul Affirmation: I open myself up to the vibrations of love.



Lots of spirituality discussions are going on around you this week. This energy will probably last throughout the week, so expect to enjoy yourself, or pass on all social company and spend the week enjoying yourself. Soul Affirmation: I slow down so love can catch up with me.



 You will get so much done this week that your friends and co-workers will be amazed!  Accomplish this small happy miracle by focusing on serenity instead of perfection. You’ll be very surprised at the results! Soul Affirmation: I listen to the sweet music of the life all around me.



It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself this week, as many will be experiencing minor irritations and general grumpiness. Let others be who they are. You are a beacon of serenity. Others will notice. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy working with others this week.



It’s a great week to tell somebody you are close to that you love them. Saying it aloud gives you energy, and of course your designated adoree will be delighted! Keep the big picture in mind this week and you’ll feel completely buoyant!  Soul Affirmation: When I reach out in love someone is always there.



Hello, home life. After a busy week, all you want to do is savor the feelings of domesticity at home. Or perhaps go shopping to spruce up your living space. Whatever you decide, do it with a close friend. You’ll both enjoy the week more if you are together. Soul Affirmation: Trust gives me a deep sense of peace and joy.



Hardly anyone alive learns new skills in an instant, so cut yourself some slack if you feel you’ve made a beginner’s mistake somewhere. Mistakes are part of the learning process that is called Life, so self-correct and proceed with happiness. Soul Affirmation: My emotions provide me a pathway into the sunshine of my being.



A happy week is in store for sociable you. Lots of friends and a party or two or three will keep your energy bright. Use caution while driving and watch for a pleasant surprise or two this week. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy the spirits of people whose spirits are akin to mine this week.



You’ll have a busy week, as the energy around you seems super-charged. With everyone rushing about, you’ll wonder how you’ll get anything done, much less the things you feel you must get done. Not to worry. Stay calm and flexible and a way will be found. Soul Affirmation: Anticipation of a beautiful night will light up my week.



 You may feel a bit crabby about your health this early this week. If you feel you need a physical checkup, make the appointment this week. If you want to feel and look better this week, skip lunch and take a walk instead. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy learning new things about myself this week.



 All vibes are positive this week, and your vibration may be the most positive of all. Many friends and family members may call, and all will want to see you. You’ve got a way with words this week, so use them to spread the sunshine around. Soul Affirmation: I master fear by knowing that all is well.



Get out and enjoy the sunshine this week.  Remember that the sun is always shining somewhere in our big island home, so use your imagination if the weather isn’t perfect where you are. You can still enjoy your week and the sun that is shining whether you see it or not! Soul Affirmation: What I need to be is fully present inside of me.

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