November 26, 2015 

LAWT News Service 


The Hampton University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry hosted professors from Nigerian universities on November 20, who collaborated with HU professors on water quality research.


Last week, a team of scientists from two Nigerian Universities were visiting the U.S. to tour several selected Water Quality Research and Management Laboratories. The visit is in connection with the Global Innovation Imperatives program, an initiative of the American Chemical Society, to foster creative solutions to imperatives of global significance. Water Resources is one of three key imperatives.


HU’s Water Quality Research Laboratory, which is located in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, was established to identify and study the contaminants that impact natural water systems in the Hampton Roads area.


“The Nigerian scientists will be at HU to observe our Water Quality Research Laboratory and to participate in the preparation of a research paper aimed at spearheading future collaborations in Global Water Resource programs,” ” said Dr. Isai T. Urasa, Chair and Professor of Chemistry and Director of Water Quality Research Laboratory.


 The aim is to generate scientific data and information that will be used by local, state, and federal agencies to regulate these contaminants. The facility supports research in water quality, provides training and service learning opportunities for students, and serves as a resource for the immediate Hampton Roads community. The facility houses state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for the determination of nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) and other common ions, heavy metals, organic pollutants, pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water.


Names and affiliations of visiting Nigerian Scientists:


• Prof. Edu Inam – University of Uyo, Nigeria


• Prof. Valerie Solomon – University of Uyo, Nigeria


•Prof. Alfred Itah – University of Uyo, Nigeria


• Dr. Gloria Obuzor – University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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