November 13, 2014


Ken Brooks

LAWT Contributing Writer


Carson High Football remains among the favorites to win the City Section Division I title despite losing its league finale to San Pedro on a field goal in the game's closing seconds.  In fact, both aforementioned teams are among the top four playoff seeds on a Marine League heavy list that of course includes pre-season favorite Narbonne.   If each team wins out, the brackets are set for a Carson-San Pedro semi-final rematch as they are respectively seeded No. 4 and No. 1. 


Based on the season and the section’s power rankings, it’s challenging not to forecast that a Marine League team or two will be ultimately playing for the champion.  Carson Head Coach, Kevin McCall agreed to that notion when I imposed the question about which team his Colts would hypothetically face in the finals.    


Now in his second season, McCall’s at-ease postgame character is consistent with his in-game side line demeanor.  And that is something to behold, so much so that it became a topic of discussion.  He was unfathomably composed and uplifting while the Colts’ offense sputtered in the third quarter and while San Pedro’s running game consistently bit off major chunks of yardage in the fourth.      


“I work with these kids Monday through Thursday”, said McCall.  “I critique them and I’m on them.  So at game time, they’re looking at me.  If I stay calm and positive, they will stay calm and positive.  On Friday it’s their free time.  I’ll critique mistakes in a calm way, but I’m looking at all the positive things.  That’s just my style.”


Upon assuming the head coach position, the Carson High alum did not prioritize his goals based on beating fellow league powerhouse Narbonne, which he clarifies is still not the Colts’ traditional rival (it is Banning).  The first thing McCall addressed was academics.  He said, “I told the kids that we will play disciplined football and we will win a lot games, but first we have to win in the classroom.  We have to clean up in the classroom and clean up their behavior.  Then we’ll take care of things on the field.” 


The discipline garnered the previously mentioned 4th seed, while the Colts’ sole league loss cost them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  McCall responded to the opportunity that slipped through their fingers by saying, “It’s going to be a little tougher now because we have to go on the road.  But if we want to go to the championship, it doesn’t matter where we play.”   

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