July 11, 2013



After months of development, ReTake Artist and Music Listing and Promotion Service just unveiled its new website — a dedicated listing service for bands, singers, songwriters and musicians. While announcing the company’s commitment to signing former television talent show contestants of shows like American Idol and The Voice, president Kenneth Schwartz emphasized that the company also handles established talent — as evidenced by the endorsement of Michael Jackson’s beautiful niece, Tanay Jackson!

ReTake provides innovative marketing solutions to help artists promote and grow their business. “The website offers far more exposure than other popular platforms that typically handle millions of participants and whose artists tend to get lost in the confusion,” says Schwartz. “Instead, ReTake understands it is fans that drive popularity and success, so fans are free on our platform. As the fans discover new music or find out more about favorite artists, this will increase the popularity of the artist’s profile.” The company has made it easier for fans to follow their favorite artist and have likewise simplified the process for artists to keep fans informed about new music, releases, promotions, concerts and shows.

ReTake will be bringing in talent from all corners of the world. They offer unique features and their packages will be customized to the individual artist to have the maximum affect on their marketing and promotional success.

Tanesha Jonelle ‘Tanay’ Rodney-Jackson is the only daughter of Tito Jackson. The new up and coming Pop R&B artist and niece of world famous Michael Jackson started off as a Theatrical Dancer and accredited Songwriter and is now the new delight springing out on her own. Her sound is fun, emotional, and sexy.

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