June 06, 2013


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(AP) — The Roots are officially living large in their hometown.

Members of the house band for NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in New York returned to their roots in Philadelphia on Friday for the dedication of a multistory mural in their honor.

The massive artwork occupies the back wall of a charter school on the street where the Grammy Award-winning band once busked for change after its founding in 1992.

“This is an amazing turnaround that on South Street we’re getting immortalized some 21 years later,” Roots drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson said.

The mural, titled “Legendary,” is a colorful collage of images including portraits, cassette tapes and musical instruments that traces the history of the hip-hop group. It's one of more than 3,600 pieces of art created by the city’s Mural Arts Program.

The project’s unveiling came a day before The Roots Picnic, an annual music festival in the city hosted and curated by the band. In a few weeks, Thompson’s memoir “Mo’ Meta Blues” will be released.

Mural Arts Program executive director Jane Golden praised the project's paint and design team, which persevered through numerous complications. The original location, about eight blocks away on the same street, fell through.

“What you see behind me right now is beautiful,” Golden said. “We think and we hope that we captured the wonderful spirit of The Roots.”

When plans for the mural were first announced in November 2011, Roots co-founder Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter noted how he once got busted for graffiti as a teenager and a judge ordered him to clean up such vandalism by painting murals. Trotter called the punishment “scrub time.”

On Friday, he said it was great to see his life come full circle.

“It hits close to home for me that this is in south Philadelphia. This is my part of town,” Trotter said. “It’s an honor and a blessing.”

Thompson, too, said he was proud.

“This is one of the greatest moments of our career,” he said. “I’ve forever driven the streets of Philadelphia wondering, when are we getting our mural?”

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June 06, 2013


Associated Press


The head of AEG Live told a jury on Monday that he believes a lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson's mother against the concert promotion company was a baseless extortion attempt.

CEO Randy Phillips also said the company bears no responsibility for Jackson's 2009 death, as his mother contends.

Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live LLC, claiming it failed to properly investigate the doctor who was later convicted of her son's death. AEG denies wrongdoing.

Phillips said he agreed with statements attributed to him and defense attorney Marvin S. Putnam that the case was a shakedown.

“Yes or no, answer? Yes,” Phillips said in response to a question by Katherine Jackson's attorney Brian Panish.

Phillips is the highest-ranking AEG executive to testify in the case, now in its sixth week.

He will likely be asked about numerous emails he sent and received about Jackson’s health in the final weeks of the superstar’s life, as well as any interactions he had with former cardiologist Conrad Murray.

Murray agreed to serve as Jackson’s doctor for $150,000 a month while he performed 50 shows titled “This Is It” in London’s 02 Arena in 2009 and early 2010.

AEG denies hiring Murray and agreeing to pay Murray’s fee as an advance to Jackson.

Phillips’ testimony came after several days of often tense testimony from AEG Live executive Paul Gongaware, who told jurors he did not remember numerous details about Jackson's rehearsals and emails he sent about the singer.

Panish sparred with Gongaware, and pointedly questioned Phillips, whom he called to the stand as a hostile witness.

Panish asked Phillips whether he was eager to tell his side of the story.

“I believe you called me as a witness, so I’m here,” Phillips said flatly.

Panish at one point asked the executive whether he was familiar with the music industry.

“Familiar with the music industry? I was working in it,” Phillips replied.

When the executive appeared to crack a smile, Panish asked if he thought the proceedings were funny.

“No, I think it’s tragic.” Phillips replied.

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May 30, 2013

By Charlene Muhammad

Sentinel Contributing Writer


When some people utter, “This is why you’re broke,” chances are it’s because they wanted something monetary they couldn’t get from you. So, in retaliation, they scrutinized your in-their-face purchase for not getting it. 

That’s just this writer’s simple theory on why we hear those stinging words. However, for those seeking a more honest, researched, well-rounded and grounded - just the plain ‘ol truth - analysis about why their “deep” pockets are really empty, Jarim Person-Lynn saves the day.

In “This is Why You’re Broke,” a 12 Step Guide to Defeating Your Own Worst Financial Habits, Person-Lynn uses vocabulary, humor, and real straight talk to shake people out of bad debt-forming habits.

“The original plan back in 2010, once I had grown pretty popular for my one-on-one consultations in my home, was to start teaching personal finance classes at the local community center. These classes were to be in conjunction with my father's (historian Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn) Afrikan World Civilization classes,” states Person-Lynn on how he started this venture.

“I researched other successful financial classes/workshops such as Robert Kiyosaki's and Dave Ramsey's and realized that even though those classes weren't catering to the needs of the black community, they were in fact successful because they were each centered around a very popular book or manual,” he shares.

That’s all he was missing, a book or manual.

But, he didn’t jump right into releasing an untested book out of the blue, he explains.  He started first with the blog “Thisiswhyyourebroke.com” and began testing various sections of the book in progress.  Information gained through his very clever use of social media transformed into the five course guide, “Brass Knuckle Finance.”

That guide and a subsequent five-week course handled topics entitled, “How your Mentality, health and environment affect your Wealth,”  “The art of Budgeting and Spending,” “Getting out of Debt & Staying out of Debt,” “College, Entrepreneurship & Career,” and “Investing & Real Estate.”

“Part of the original premise for the classes were to provide classes to those who were fed up with their financial situations and willing to make a change. In exchange for providing these free classes to anyone who purchased a book, we asked them once they were done with our classes, to pass that book along to the next person in the community and have them attend our classes for free as well,” Person-Lynn explains.

But, he would notice that the 392 page book would be very popular with the first person who obtained it but it was a hard sell for the next friend or family member they would attempt to pass it to.

He formed the idea to simplify the message into a quick, easy to read, easy to pass along book that would become the namesake of the original blog: "This is Why You’re Broke."

So frank, Person-Lynn even labels the book on his website, “A Comprehensive Guide to Your Own Financial Stupidity.”

His ultimate aim:  to help stop others from being their own worst enemy each month and to begin building a better financial future immediately.

Being broke isn’t simply the lack of having money, he offers.  “Broke” means not having the specific amount of money to do things you may want or need to do in life, he explains.

“Broke is one part math and one part mentality,” Person-Lynn writes.

“Remember, there are millionaires who are broke:  billionaires with depreciating assets and ever growing expenses, who are broke,” he continues in his easy-to-read financial planner.

In essence, being broke is more about what’s eating people internally, what society has told them they need, and, what they plan to do to prove it right, he states.

If people master the 12 most dangerous areas of their financial lives, which include rent, cars, debt and food, they would then master their money, according to Person-Lynn.

The author recommends keeping rents at certain monthly percentages to reduce overall debt and struggle.  He also gives guidelines for obtaining home-ownership rather than home-loanership.  And, he breaks down steady steps for obtaining rental property as a source of real income. 

Without careful attention to certain details, the property could become more of a loss than gain, he explains in the guide.

“The person (or couple) who avoids debt, lives on half of their income and learns how to invest the rest, will be wealthier than just about everyone they know ... Remember:  You were NOT born to struggle,” he concludes in his guide.

For more information on the books visit ThisIsWhyYoureBroke.com / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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June 06, 2013

LAWT News Service


ATLANTA– Platinum hip-hop artist and CEO of CTE World, Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins, and Los Angeles-based Gourmet Footwear announced the kick-off and celebration of their recently signed branding and marketing partnership. The brand activation launch party will include a meet and greet with the entertainer and select executives from Gourmet, including its founder, Greg Lucci, at Wish Atlanta Boutique and the private party will continue at Vanquish Lounge for a red carpet affair with VIP guests, local tastemakers, friends of the brand and other music industry elite. The two events will include entertainment from DJ RootsQueen, DJ Baby Yu, a special announcement from Jeezy and Gourmet, catering from Bottle Bar and complimentary drinks from Avión Tequila. In addition, Gourmet Footwear will host contest giveaways for shoes and other brand products throughout the two events.

 “Similar to Gourmet Footwear, Young Jeezy is an individual who has seamlessly navigated himself to an aspirational lifestyle from humble beginnings,” said Greg Lucci, founder of Gourmet Footwear. “We look forward to partnering with Jeezy and working alongside him on his upcoming projects.”

The partnership between Jeezy and Gourmet includes exclusive co-branded digital content, social media initiatives, and creative involvement from Young Jeezy. It also creates a platform to blend the very distinct worlds of footwear, fashion, and music to provide a comprehensive lifestyle experience that both Gourmet and Jeezy have incorporated into their individual brands. 

 “Partnering with Gourmet just felt like a natural fit for me,” said Jeezy. “I’ve been building my own clothing line for the past few years, so it’s only right that I collaborate with a top-tier footwear brand like Gourmet, who I believe to be the perfect blend of luxury and the street, which is what I’m about.”

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May 30, 2013


You are often superb at exercising good judgment and rational decision-making. Yet sometimes you are rash. Flip to the observant side of your mentality this week. You will soon find yourself in a situation where there will be strife if you are not careful.

Soul Affirmation: A cheerful soul should be wrapped in a cheerful package.
Lucky Numbers:  18, 36, 44



Just to prove to yourself once again how lucky you are you should fly into the face of bad predictions. Gamble this week in business, relationships, love -something. Remain truly confident that things will come out in a way that will satisfy you.

Soul Affirmation: Change is my middle name.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 28, 37



Move through your social environments and festive occasions this week without stopping even for a little while to listen to rumors. Rumors are often untrue. And for goodness sake believe only good things about friends and your lover.

Soul Affirmation: I keep my eyes open for business opportunities this week.
Lucky Numbers: 15, 30, 45



Keep focused. Your energies are likely to be spread out this week.  Your attention is likely to be pulled in many directions.  Let yourself be seduced by the things that interest you most.  Concentrate on your affairs. Others need you, but they can wait.

Soul Affirmation: I find a source of strength in someone I love.
Lucky Numbers: 7, 11, 21



Being stubborn won’t get the job done. Work with others so they can work for you. Your ideas are not always the best ideas, so don’t push them too hard this week. You might find yourself in an awkward position with no allies. Give in to your emotional needs and don’t be afraid to let you guard down.

Soul Affirmation: I let go and let my spirit take control.
Lucky Numbers: 20, 42, 54



This week will bring a tendency to dwell on a past betrayal. Your feelings of suspicion are well founded. However, do not personalize it. Work against the harmful act but not against the person who committed it.

Soul Affirmation: I am what I consistently do.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 23



Look forward to excellent financial news based on something you’re likely to do this week. Wow! It’s about time. This week might be an excellent week to window shop for a dream vacation or luxury purchase. You can even window shop in your imagination for the best possible dream vacation location!

Soul Affirmation: Smooth communications is the key to my success this week.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 18, 44



In the spiritual realm appearance is not important but in the physical realm looking good matters a great deal. Love has a foot in both realms. It is your challenge to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of love this week.

Soul Affirmation: Slow and steady is an enjoyable way to go.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 13



Stand up and get ready.  Be a public speaker this week. Any subject you choose is ripe for your “rap.” Spin the tale. Tell the story. People will be fascinated by the way you see things. They’ll be impressed. Watch out for a jealous friend when attention is on you!

Soul Affirmation: I make the first step and the universe will come to my aid.
Lucky Numbers: 24, 32, 53



Be as sharp as you can be this week. Make being alert a personal challenge. Watch carefully for details that might otherwise escape your notice as you search for the best way to get things done at work. Be steadfast in your determination and don’t be pulled into conflict with coworkers.

Soul Affirmation: There are other fish in the sea waiting for me.
Lucky Numbers:  12, 23, 27



What do you do when you’re not as lucky as usual? Slow the game down.  Risk less. Bet conservatively in all areas of your life. Restrain yourself. Give the job at hand your attention. Live in the present and enjoy what is rather than in anticipation of what luck might have brought.

Soul Affirmation: Truth is revealed in the smallest grain of sand.
Lucky Numbers:  27, 41, 52



Like-mindedness is going to be hard to achieve among your coworkers, but there are likely to be a few who see things as you do. Choose carefully and find someone to walk with you on this week’s journey. Some words of encouragement might be needed to enlist the person you choose.

Soul Affirmation: My needs will be met if I just ask.
Lucky Numbers:  2, 9, 14

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