June 19, 2014



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An actor who played a police officer on “The Shield” TV series pleaded not guilty to murder Wednesday  June 18 in the death of his wife and was ordered to stay away from his two young sons.


Michael Jace entered the plea through his attorneys and was told by a judge to stay away from his two children and not contact them if he is eventually released on $2 million bail.


Jace, 51, is accused of shooting his wife to death on May 19 in their Los Angeles home. The children, both under 10, were home at the time and unharmed.


Jace’s attorney Jason Sias said his client might seek a reduction of his bail at a future hearing.


The lawyer said Jace did not contest the protective order involving his children because he wants to do what is best for them.


“Mr. Jace is just concerned about his children,” Sias said after the hearing.


Police have not disclosed a motive for the slaying but have said they were looking into whether financial or other domestic issues may have been involved.


The family of April Jace has called her death a senseless act of domestic violence. Police say Michael Jace called 911 to report the killing.


Audio of Jace’s call has not been made public, but fire officials have released a 911 call from April Jace’s father in which he says the actor told him he had shot the victim.


“My son-in-law called me, and (texted) me, and said come get the kids because he shot April, our daughter,” the caller, whose name was redacted from the audio, told a fire department dispatcher.


April Jace, 40, a financial aid counselor at Biola University, had three sons, including the two with Michael Jace.


Michael Jace also appeared on the show “Southland” and had small roles in the movies “Planet of the Apes,” “Boogie Nights” and “Forrest Gump.”

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June 19, 2014

Aries March 21 - April 19


As Mercury rewinds back into Gemini, a family or property concern may be resolved to your satisfaction. However, you'll need to remain on your toes concerning the purchase of big-ticket items or closing deals. You might find a nice business or financial opportunity on Tuesday, so long as you're willing to negotiate carefully. The Sun moves into Cancer on Saturday, putting the spotlight on home matters, perhaps encouraging you to do some repairs, gardening, or redecorating.




Taurus April 20 - May 20


You may need your problem-solving skills, especially where a financial or business matter is concerned. However, you can organize things to your satisfaction with a little tweaking. Although the purchase of expensive items should be delayed due to Mercury's retrograde phase, you can go ahead if you keep receipts and paperwork in case of problems later. After Saturday, a trip down memory lane might encourage you to connect with pals for a reunion. Also, you could be a coach or mentor to someone who needs support.




Gemini May 21 - June 20


Expect some confusion early in the week as Mercury rewinds into your sign. However, you can quickly resolve problems if you're prepared to tweak your plans. If you exercise tact and diplomacy with both business and personal ties, you can sail through the days ahead with few problems. Finances get a boost from Saturday, perhaps encouraging you to take a shrewd look at your expenses or consider adapting your budget. In romance, someone may be keeping a secret from you.




Cancer June 21 - July 22


Even though you may feel impatient early on, you'll radiate charm and charisma on Wednesday, enough to impress all the right people. The right folks will naturally want to cooperate with you, which could lead to a romantic tryst or even a lucrative deal. You may get an energy boost when the Sun glides into your sign on Saturday. Its presence here puts a focus on personal goals and needs in the month ahead, encouraging you to start on any plans you've been considering




Leo July 23 - August 22


Perhaps it isn't a good idea to gamble or take unnecessary financial risks right now, particularly as Mercury, your financial planet, continues retrograde. While it does a backward dance in Gemini starting Monday, you also need to watch out for mixed messages, especially where socializing and networking are concerned. However, the Sun moves into your spiritual sector on Saturday, and you're entering a natural phase in which you should take time out to relax and recharge. Dreams may gain in importance, too.




Virgo August 23 - September 22


Your social life continues to sizzle, especially on Tuesday, when a warm and friendly aspect is perfect for a get-together, party, or even a business lunch. However, as Mercury moves back into Gemini and your career zone, take extra care when discussing deals or signing contracts that have an impact on your future and reputation. Read the fine print and ask relevant questions before agreeing. Make copies of paperwork to help guard against problems further down the line.




Libra September 23 - October 22


You may want to sign up for a course, lecture, or seminar in the week ahead. This can be an opportunity to improve your skill set or get a qualification that will be helpful in the future. However, at midweek there's a chance you can close a lucrative deal if you play your cards right, and there's the option of romance in a workaday setting. If you're traveling on Thursday, be ready for a potential change of plans or some delays.




Scorpio October 23 - November 21


It probably isn't the best time to apply for a loan or mortgage, since Mercury will be moving back into your zone of shared assets. Research your options, but don't put pen to paper unless you're sure you understand what you're getting into. Midweek may be the optimum opportunity for a date night with a special someone. If you're willing to move outside your comfort zone, you might get along even better. Later, a desire for adventure might tempt you to join a pal on an excursion.




Sagittarius November 22 - December 21


Venus in Taurus might cause some of your more indulgent habits to show up. While this may not be the best week for your diet, you might fare better at work, where there is the potential for a pay raise or contract that could help your cash flow. In romance, misunderstandings may arise as Mercury heads back into Gemini, which could be unfortunate in a dating situation. Get clear before you do or say anything that could cause embarrassment.




Capricorn December 22 - January 19


You have good intentions, but you might not get around to accomplishing everything. This could come down to Mercury's retrograde phase, which could cause delays at work and everyday affairs. However, you can also use this opportunity to sort out any issue that has been bothering you for some time, whether it's a computer problem or a relationship matter. Later, the Sun's entrance into Cancer spotlights social opportunities. A reunion may be in the cards if you're up for it.




Aquarius January 20 - February 18


A romantic relationship may seem to take a backward step. If so, it's best to let it be. It's possible that your love interest has problems to deal with or other reasons why they can't spend more time with you. Once Mercury forges ahead on July 1, things should return to normal. Venus in your home zone encourages entertainment, especially midweek, when hosting a guest and colleagues or business partners could lead to a lucrative proposition. Starting Saturday, you'll want to get fit and feel fabulous.




Pisces February 19 - March 20

Good news may come regarding a publishing, educational, or legal matter. You might also be invited to visit friends who live at a distance, or be visited by someone you haven't seen in a while. Meanwhile, getting your house in tiptop shape could be a major priority as Mercury eases back into Gemini and your home sector. This could be a golden opportunity to remove clutter and make more space for creative activities. On another note, reorganizing your home could bring greater peace of mind.

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June 19, 2014



Associated Press


For anyone concerned about who would play Aaliyah in a film about her life, the girl who earned the role — 17-year-old Zendaya — says it mattered to her, too.


“I really want it to be perfect for her and show young people what she was able to do and what she accomplished,” the Disney Channel star said in an interview Tuesday, a day after Lifetime announced she would play the role of the R&B singer.


Zendaya says she’s the right choice for the part because “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”


Aaliyah was killed in 2001 at age 22 when her plane crashed after takeoff from a Bahamian runway. She dominated on the R&B and pop charts, earning platinum-plus albums and racking hits with songs like “Try Again,” “Back & Forth” and “Are You That Somebody?”


Zendaya, who was the runner-up on “Dancing With the Stars” last year, says she's aware the role comes with a lot of scrutiny.


“I can’t please everybody ... what I can do is work really hard and you know, just continue to show her legacy,” she said.


Zendaya was almost five at the time Aaliyah died. She says she remembers watching the singer’s music videos when her older sister would babysit her.


Zendaya is recording some of Aaliyah’s songs for the film. Zendaya, who made her debut on the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” in 2010, released her first album last year, which featured the platinum hit “Replay.” She says her success as a young star helps her relate to Aaliyah, who released her debut album at age 15.


“I feel like she grew up so young and she grew up in the industry ... and she just had to deal with so much,” she said. “I connect with that.”


Zendaya also stars in the Disney Channel movie “Zapped,” which premieres June 27. She will also co-produce and act in the network’s upcoming show “K.C. Undercover.”


The Aaliyah film is based on the book “Aaliyah: More Than A Woman” by music journalist Christopher Farley. Shooting is scheduled for this summer.

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June 19, 2014

By Carolyn Gaines

LAWT Contributing Writer


King of Blues B.B. King had a short break from playing his 6 strings guitar, singing blues nightly to deliver a blues message to Los- Angeles Unified School Districts 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Keep reading!!!


He answered two questions pertaining to blues and children:


1. What is B.B. King’s Greatest Love of All? He said, “my children, naturally.”


2. What message can you leave for African Kids not listening and learning Blues music today? He said, “I wish that kids would be interested in all kinds of music, and of course mine as well. But, I don’t think you should try to kick it down their throats. I feel that whatever it is you study-study hard.”


The 15 time GRAMMY award winner recorded over 150 albums during his career. King was given a “Grammy Lifetime Achievement” Award in 1987. His most celebrated 1970 Grammy Award for the “Thrill Is Gone” was his number one hit song. He was one of the first blues artists to purchase his tour bus in 1951.


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June 12, 2014


LAWT Wire Service


Actor, writer Fee King partners with Rob Lewis, CEO of NEX-Phase Entertainment as executive producer to bring you an autobiographical account of a young girl’s untimely coming of age into womanhood told through the lens and carefully crafted vignettes by the artistry of Director Sammie Wayne, IV and poignantly delivered through the creative vessel of the phenomenal Fee King. She brilliantly allows theater lovers to peek into what her life was like under the rule of an alcoholic mother. This stage play runs for three weekends in June beginning Thursday, June 12, 2014 through Sunday, June 29, 2014 at the beautiful Actors’ Gang in Culver City, California – 9070 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232.


Men, women and youth will laugh, groove to that feel good, old school R&B, and be elevated – leaving the theater having experienced an extraordinary story of survival reminding all that you can overcome, especially our youth, any obstacle on your journey. “Telling this story helped me heal my relationship with my mother and forgive her,” said King.


Proceeds from this production will benefit Peace4Kids, a non-profit which provides programs and services for foster and at-risk youth from ages 5-18, and after they transition to adulthood until age 24. Executive Producer, Rob Lewis said, “Theater does exist in Los Angeles and we’re happy that our youth will benefit through such a worthy organization.”

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