October 24, 2013

Wire Report


Funk Icons, Morris Day and the Time, will headline the Brotherhood Crusade’s annual gala this year on November 1, which marks the organization’s 45th anniversary. This year Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas, will receive the Bremond Bakewell Award for “establishing new benchmarks for success and achievement,” according BC President/ CEO Charisse Bremond Weaver. Ridley- Thomas, an elected official for more than 20 years has forged beyond the ordinary leadership paradigm in his efforts to address the problems of underserved communities in Los Angeles, she said.

“The country has marveled at his accomplishments as a preeminent civil rights leader and politician in the fight to provide affordable, quality healthcare to underserved individuals,” Bremond Weaver said in a statement released earlier this week.

“He has also been at the forefront of the battle to open the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.”

Ridley-Thomas won election to the Los Angeles City Council in 1991. In 2002, he began the first of two terms in the state Senate. In 2008, he was elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, representing the Second District. As a city council member, Ridley-Thomas created the Empowerment Congress to give residents a voice in decision-making; he is considered the father of the Neighborhood Council movement. He is also a leader in the effort to add a transit station to the rail line that will travel along Crenshaw Boulevard to the airport, which will improve transportation and create tens of thousands of jobs.

“During his many years of service, Ridley-Thomas and the Brotherhood Crusade have stood on the same side of issues, as they fought to make life better for their constituents,” said a BC spokesperson.

Said Ridley Thomas, “The Brotherhood Crusade’s role in bettering our community and improving lives is well-documented, and to be honored by such an organization leaves me with a sense of deep satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, BC officials gala attendees to gear up for a fun night as, “the man who put the ‘C’ in ‘cool’ will bring the funk and fun with oldies like, ‘What Time is it?’ and ‘Cool,’” they said.

“Our galas are always fun,” said Bremond Weaver.

“The issues we tackle are serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time.”

Each year the fundraiser attracts about a thousand celebrants: celebrities, elected officials, community leaders, and other supporters, said BC officials.

Guests will learn about the many ways the organization helps improve the lives of residents in South Los Angeles. This year’s theme is “The Gift of Leadership.”

The gala begins at 7 p.m. Chris Schauble, co-anchor of KTLA 5 Morning News, and Pat Prescott, a radio personality with 94.7 The Wave, will emcee. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Brotherhood Crusade’s youth development programs. The Beverly Hilton Hotel is located at 9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 90210.

The Brotherhood Crusade thanks its sponsors for their generous support of the gala: The California Endowment; AEG; Nielsen; Southern California Edison; US Soccer Foundation; DirecTV; American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper; Verizon; Bank of America; Microsoft; Wells Fargo; Comerica Bank; Northern Trust; Ivie, McNeil & Wyatt; SEIU ULTCW; Southwest Airlines; and The Berry Gordy Family Foundation.

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October 24, 2013



Steer clear of argumentative folks this week, and let yourself flow with the energy that is spectacularly positive for launching new project plans. Happiness at home is almost a given this week. You may be feeling festive at a late-night social gathering. Soul Affirmation: New insights create new directions and a new cast of characters. Lucky Numbers:  9, 20, 54



Watch for surges in energy that encourage you to overdo it this week, You are brimming over with energy, most of it very positive. Take a walk to burn some of the other kind of energy off and to keep your mind free and clear. Harmony rules at home this week. Soul Affirmation: I get joy from giving good things. Lucky Numbers:  33, 42, 51



It’s a very pleasant and wonderful week of the year for you, Money matters go well, and there is a very sweet harmony between friends and family. Have fun in the present moment, but don’t go overboard, okay? Soul Affirmation: I let my spirit light my path this week. Lucky Numbers:  4, 13, 46



Lots of happy reasons for goofing off this week. You’ll be in a luxurious state of mind, expansive and dreamy. Ideas and dreams seem very real this week. . .enjoy them, and let yourself think about how wonderful it will be when your dreams come true this year. Soul Affirmation: I focus on long-range financial security this week. Lucky Numbers:  22, 43, 50



Happiness is the order of the week as a relationship improves in a way that you didn’t think was possible. Just goes to show you, the power of positive thinking. Be happy and keep your outlook happy. Soul Affirmation: I let positive emotions carry me through the week. Lucky Numbers:  16, 21, 53



You are free to love and laugh, and you’re free to criticize and complain. It’s all in how you want to feel about yourself. Do what feels best to you in the situation that you find yourself in this week. Remember that you have many options! Soul Affirmation: I keep money on my mind this week. Lucky Numbers:  8, 19, 30



All planetary indicators lead to one conclusion, Party! Get together with some friends for a gab-fest and snack food feast. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be loads of fun for all involved. Soul Affirmation: I let my spirit light my path this week. Lucky Numbers: 17, 29, 31



You can rejoice in every new experience this week, because you know the secret to your happiness. What? You don’t know? Sure you do. Sit quietly somewhere this week and think about it. Soul Affirmation: I stand firm for what I believe in. Lucky Numbers:  29, 38, 41



Your unique energy is urging you in a new direction. Listen to your inner voice and go! You’ll be very happy with the outcome if you give your worries up to the universe. Many blessings are available to you if you let go and let the blessings come. Soul Affirmation: I let children supply my life with wisdom this week. Lucky Numbers:  8, 15, 20



A relaxing week at home might be just the cure for what seems to be troubling you this week. Set aside some time to attune yourself to the sound of truth. You are an extraordinary teacher; teach yourself a new way of being with yourself this week. Soul Affirmation: I keep in mind the practical side of life this week. Lucky Numbers:  25, 45, 51



Your ideas are windows into the future. You may be feeling a bit off-center this in the present moment but all you need to do is refine your presentation. Your truth is sound and solid. You can teach with beautiful words. Soul Affirmation: Cooperation with others is the key to success for me this week. Lucky Numbers:  21, 39, 45



Surprises are on tap this week, and you may be the messenger.  Or a new message may come to you; whatever happens, it’s going to be pleasant. Base your sense of reality on the pure vision you have in your head. Soul Affirmation: This week is a gift that I deserve. Lucky Numbers:  1, 26, 32

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October 17, 2013


This is a gold-star week. You’ll be positively glowing at any and all social events. Many gifts, both tangible and intangible, come to you this week through friendship and from close ties. Enjoy your fabulous self very much. Your sweetheart may want to talk about a deeper commitment. Soul Affirmation: I keep my eyes wide open for a special person who is also looking for me. Lucky Numbers: 5, 37, 41


More luck, more opportunities, and more love are in the stars for you this week. Enjoy this up-cycle, and let the things you do with your gifts and talents have lasting effects. Social gatherings are favored. Wear your brightest smile and trust your intuition. Soul Affirmation: I find a source of strength in someone I love. Lucky Numbers: 3, 40, 49


Give yourself a chance to learn all you can about love this week. This is a week when you are open to new ideas. Make those ideas center on relationships. Financial matters are worrisome but they can wait. Soul Affirmation: I keep my eyes open for business opportunities this week. Lucky Numbers: 8, 21, 29


Your thoughts turn from spending and socializing to a more spiritual area this week. While you may feel that you still have much to do in the next few weeks, this week is good for taking some time for yourself, and for insightful meditation. Love and romance vibrations remain constant; count your blessings! Soul Affirmation: I say nothing but kind things about those I have to deal with. Lucky Numbers: 19, 28, 37


Ask for second opinions and shop around this week; it will be worth the time in savings. Something at your workplace may cause you a momentary qualm, but it’s really nothing but high spirits from co-workers. Don’t look for trouble! The present moment is rich with romantic promise. Soul Affirmation: I change who I am by changing where I am going. Lucky Numbers: 4, 17, 20


During the next few weeks you’ll find yourself wanting to RUSH around. Try to take it easy instead. Everything will happen according to plan, and you’ll feel much calmer and happier with yourself and with others! Soul Affirmation: I let myself experience my true ambitions this week. Lucky Numbers: 18, 24, 37


Get any negative energy out of the way quickly by turning a situation into a solution… your mind will intuitively find the best answer if you focus on a resolution instead of a problem. A partner or best friend brings a extra glow to your, as your thoughts and feelings are in harmony. Soul Affirmation: Being true to others is the way to be true to myself. Lucky Numbers: 6, 13, 50


Keep focused. Your attention is likely to be distracted by someone’s foolishness. Your concentration is likely to be pulled in many directions. Don’t let yourself be seduced by something that looks a whole lot better than it’ll turn out to be. Soul Affirmation: I love who I am and rejoice. Lucky Numbers: 5, 23. 44


You’ll need all the expertise you possess to deal with the distractions that will come into your life this week. Float on the surface of things. If you go deep you could get lost chasing after clarifications that are not going to come. Seek compensation from a relationship that has a long history. Soul Affirmation: Forgetting past injustices is my keep to a happier future. Lucky Numbers: 8, 21, 50


Some people around you may be a little grumpy, but you are still in the mood to behold the glad tidings that you feel in your heart. Let the positive predominate. Your family is happy and well, and so are you… think about it, and enjoy a lovely, loving week. Soul Affirmation: I smile as I think about far away paces. Lucky Numbers: 178, 19, 40


Take care of a number of minor matters this week; you’ll feel as if you’ve happily accomplished the tasks of Hercules when they are all cleared up and put tidily away. Your ideas and words are very well-received; speak your mind this week. You are the social one! Soul Affirmation: Appreciation leads to recognition. Lucky Numbers: 6, 44, 55


Happy-happy-joy-joy. You’ll have a song on your lips this week as you make your way easily through a thicket of tasks and obligations. This week brings a surprise from a partner…anticipate it with a glad heart! Soul Affirmation: I open myself up for a glad surprise. Lucky Numbers: 3, 31, 46

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October 24, 2013

By Shonassee Shaver

LAWT Contributing Writer


102.3 Radio Free KJLH stage was one of the many fixtures of the Taste of Soul that gave the community a live musical performance. It was an exciting time for the community when the KJLH stage got into full effect on the corner of Rodeo and Crenshaw as there was much anticipation from the crowd to backstage.

DJ Malski kept the audience going, having them guess the lyrics to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Cameo and Justin Bieber songs while KJLH Jocks Nautica De La Cruz, Tammi Mac and Don Amiche represented the number one radio station in Los Angeles.

“This is the best event in Los Angeles, where the whole city comes together to enjoy food, entertainment, and the celebrities that come out (famous playwright Don B. Welch and Neyo),” said Don Amiche.

“I think of everything L.A.,” said Tammi Mac on what she thinks of when it comes to the TOS.  “This is where the community comes out and has a gigantic party together and it’s incredible to see people playing, laughing and dancing together.”

KJLH had an impressive lineup everyone from Kenny Lattimore to Stevie Wonder.

Mario performed at the KJLH stage singing an array of his popular songs.

“All my hits, my taste of soul, good energy and singing to the ladies,” he stated on what he was bringing to the stage.

On what brought him out to the Taste of Soul, he states it was the people, KJLH, the support for the music and keeping real music alive. He has two new singles “Fatal Distraction” and “LSD” out and upcoming album set to release at the end of the year and will be on tour in Europe and in the U.S.

Performer, Mateo, stated it’s the best event of the summer in LA regarding the TOS. His Song “How Good is Your Love” is in heavy rotation on the radio. You can check out the video for the song on Vevo.

Kenny Lattimore, who came with energy and passion for the ladies, performed.  However the artist focused on how the TOS brought great music to the community, stating, “I think of a taste of our community and bringing everybody out to celebrate life, our culture and great live music. There is something about great live music that brings everybody together.”

Lattimore is working on his album. The crooner is nominated for a Soul Train award and enjoys speaking; he recently spoke at UC Berkley and in Boston.

Glenn Lewis performed and has released his new album.

Neyo, who made an appearance, was happy to be a part of the KJLH stage and Taste of Soul for the first time.  He came to show support for Compound Artist, RaVaughn Brown, who has two singles under her belt.

 “I’m looking to have a goodtime with folks in the community, listen to some good music, and see my artist perform,” said Neyo. “People are coming together to have a good time without any violence.  We live in a very drama-filled world. To be able to come together for something like this feels good.” 

He is in the studio working on his 6th studio album, which is expected at the top of the new year and is focused on his artists on his music label, Compound Entertainment.

Speaking of the newly R&B songstress, RaVaughn performed. The Carson native was thrilled to be a part of the festival, “I’m super excited to be here, to support and perform in front of my people.” 

Brown is currently working on her EP and album. The singer boasted on her two singles, “Better Be Good” and “Best Friend,” and is excited to get more music out to her fans.

The artist who used to sing background with Keri HIlson, Keyshia Cole and Brandy, feels it’s about working hard and not succumbing to the negativity of others to succeed in the music industry.

Mindless Behavior was the awaited performance of the night, creating chaos from backstage to the main stage, where they gave the crowd a presentation of their popular songs including “Use to Be.”

A show stopper, Johnny Gill, made an appearance and performed, bringing an old school and new school flavor to the stage.  Certainly thrilled to be a part of the Taste of Soul, stating “when you look at the family and all of the people that have gathered, it’s always a special day, every year, annually to see family come together.”

The music icon has had an outstanding career and feels, "God has to come first, that’s the foundation and staying committed, ready and prepared,” said Gill. “Something great and authentic doesn’t go away, it is always there.”

 Look for Gill’s new album coming out at the beginning of the year. 

Music royalty, Stevie Wonder, graced the stage giving the audience a special treat with “Isn’t She Lovely” and “My Cherie Amour” and  it didn’t end there, Marques Houston took the night home with a cover of classic R&B songs and a once in a lifetime duet with Gill and Wonder. 

“It was a special moment in my career,” said Houston who was excited that Wonder introduced him on stage and sung with him.

This being his first time at the TOS, he was honored to be on stage with Wonder, Houston recalled Immature (IMX) doing a tribute to Stevie Wonder, “we sang ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ and we met him but he wasn’t in the crowd when we did our set, so this is like a make up session for me.”

On his music covers, “I like to jam with my people.  We had to take it back for the people out there and I felt it was appropriate for the crowd.”

Look out for the Immature (IMX) reunion show featuring Dru Hill and Next on November 7 at Club Nokia.  Go pick up his new album “Famous” it’s available on iTunes.

KJLH really outdid themselves at this year’s Taste of Soul; let’s see what they will bring for us next year.

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October 17, 2013

LAWT Staff Report

While jazz great Poncho Sanchez and R&B artist Mario are sure to give new followers and fans alike a great show, at the this year’s Taste of Soul, there will be many more, including R&B teen sensations Mindless Behavior, Mateo, Johnny Gill, Chosen Recovery, Avant and DW3.

Mindless Behavior, best known for the singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right”  was put together in Los Angeles in 2008, by Keisha Gamble, Walter Millsap (who has previously worked with Beyoncé and Timbaland) and Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton). They trained in dance and singing for two years before releasing “My Girl.” Their debut album, #1 Girl, was released on September 20, 2011. It debuted on the US Billboard 200 album chart at number seven.

“We have to give credit where credit’s due,” KJLH General Manager Karen Slade told the Sentinel before last year’s Taste of Soul.

“A lot of the talent volunteers because it’s a community event.  For the most part it’s a free event, so they’re donating their talent and their time. So in that case, we like to highlight them and celebrate them.”

 Mateo was born in Cincinnati, Ohio into a musical family. His grandfather, Freddy Jordan was a jazz and session guitarist at the historic King Records where he played for the likes of James Brown, Freddie King, and Charles Brown. His grandmother was a singer who toured Canada and the northeastern United States. Mateo started singing at an early age and playing classical piano at age 5. He attended Morehouse College, majoring in music and business.

Mateo eventually moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the music industry where he met with former MTV VJ, Quddus. Quddus, who was working at MySpace Records quickly took interest and brought Mateo over to the label which signed him nearly on the spot. 

In September 2010, Mateo signed to Krucial Noise and released his debut single, “Say It's So”, on September 21, 2011 off his EP Love & Stadiums II.

“I love the fact that it’s a huge peaceful celebration,” said Pat Prescott of 94.7 The Wave. “[This] gives our community a chance to show our versatility in terms of the cooking, arts and crafts, all the merchants who are out there and of course— great music.

R&B, Jazz and Latin Soul musicians DW3, consisting of Eric, William and Damon are said to be widely known for their artistic abilities. Festival goers can expect to hear the harmonious sounds of keyboards, percussion, drums, bass and guitar. Some of their hits include “On the Floor,” “I Got You,” and “All I Need”

Taste of Soul Creator Danny J. Bakewell Sr. applauded both of the event’s media partners for again delivering on music excellence with performers who bring name/ brand recognition.





“I am not at all surprised by these line-ups, because both our two radio partners consistently deliver big to the Taste of Soul Nation what they have been providing their audiences for years,” said Bakewell.





“What’s remarkable is that our community will get an opportunity to see them while enjoying the foods they love with the families and friends they cherish and will not have to pay to watch them perform,” concluded Bakewell.




Taste of Soul family festival will be held from 10a.m. to 7p.m. on Crenshaw Blvd. Saturday October 19. Below is a full list of line ups for both stages.






Taste of Soul 2013 KTWV Stage

10A – 11A DJ Shell

11A – 11:20A Chosen Recovery

11:25A – 12:10P Local Band

12:20P – 1:05P    On Tour

1:10P – 1:30pm   Politicians

1:40P- 2:40p        DW3

2:50p – 3:00P      Star Quest Winner

3:10P – 3:55pm   Poncho Sanchez

4:20pm – 5:05P   Patrice Rushen and Ndugu Chancler

5:30P – 6:30P      Avant


Taste of Soul 2013 KJLH Stage

12:45pm – Sledge Grits Band

2:00pm – Mario

2:05pm – L.Young

2:15pm – Treasure Davis

2:35pm – Mateo

3:15pm – Ravaughn

4:00pm – Johnny Gill

4:05pm – Mindless Behavior

4:40pm – Glenn Lewis

5:10pm – Kenny Lattimore

5:30pm – Marques Houston

6:00pm – Johnny Gill/Special Guest

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