June 21, 2012

Cable industry veteran Monica Neal has been named senior vice president of public relations of TV One, effective Mon., June 25.


In this role, she’ll lead and manage all of TV One’s communications and public relations, public affairs, talent relations, viewer services and investor relations.


Neal joins TV One from Turner Broadcasting, where she has spent the past 12 years in a variety of senior communications, marketing, business development and operational executive positions. Since 2009, she has been vice president of entertainment marketing for TNT and TBS, where she has provided oversight of integrated marketing for late night series “Conan” and “Lopez Tonight” as well as partnerships designed to grow youth and diversity audiences, including for the launches of “Hawthorne” on TNT and “Meet the Browns” on TBS.


Prior to her current position, she served as vice president and station manager of WPCH-Peachtree TV as well as vice president of operations of Turner’s Strategy and New Products Group.


Neal has had a long and distinguished career in communications and media relations in the television industry. She joined Turner in 2000 as director of public relations and was promoted to vice president in 2002, with added responsibility for Turner Classic Movies in 2005. Prior to joining Turner, she held corporate communications and media relations positions at Court TV, Nickelodeon, ABC and HBO.


She began her career in television as a production associate at “Good Morning America” in 1990.


“Monica is the perfect choice for this new position at TV One, as we work to build our in-house corporate communications capability,” said TV One President and CEO Wonya Lucas. “In this rapidly evolving digital and social media environment, it is more important than ever for communications and marketing to work closely together. Her deep understanding of the cable business and experience in PR, marketing and operations will provide a unique perspective as we continue to build awareness of TV One’s programming and brand with consumers, advertisers and distributors.”


A graduate of Smith College, Neal has participated in Turner Broad­casting’s Leadership Development Program as well as the Time Warner Breakthrough Leadership/Simmons College Executive Management Program. She has been named to CableFAX Magazine’s list of the Most Influential Minorities in Cable, and in 2008 was named by Atlanta Woman Magazine to its list of “Top 25 Women to Watch.”


“I have long admired both Wonya and TV One, especially the network’s mission to portray the diversity of Black life in America,” said Neal. “It is an exciting opportunity to help build a brand about which I am personally passionate, and I look forward to sharing and sharpening the skills I have acquired in the wonderful years that I have spent at Turner and in the cable industry.”

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 June 14, 2012


SACRAMENTO, CA — Assembly bill 2393 (Davis) passed the California Senate Judiciary Committee today by a vote of 4-0. The bill would 1) increase to $1,500 the monthly net disposable income level required for a low-income adjustment; and 2) require the Judicial Council of California, on March 1, 2013 and annually thereafter, update the low-income adjustment based on the California Consumer Price Index.


“The current formula used by the California Department of Child Support Services that determines child support orders is outdated.  In an effort to improve compliance for low-income parents that are obligated to pay child support a revision to the low-income adjustment threshold of $1,000 needed to be increased to $1,500,” said Assemblyman Mike Davis.


The low-income adjustment has not been increased since it was first introduced in 1993, even though the cost of living increased by 50% during that same period. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, if $1,000 in 1993 was adjusted for inflation, it would represent $1,576 in today’s dollars.  This bill’s increase to $1,500 is entirely consistent with inflation.


“In light of Father’s Day, AB 2393 will enable fathers to successfully meet their obligations and provide more consistent child support payments, improving the income stream for families, promoting family self-sufficiency and improving the overall wellbeing of children living in single-parent households,” Assemblyman Davis concluded.


Assemblyman Mike Davis is the current vice chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus and serves on the Appropriations, Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, Local Government, and the Rules Committees. He was elected to serve the 48th District in November of 2006. Located in Los Angeles County, the district is home to a myriad of diverse communities including: Arlington Park, Athens, Chesterfield Square, King Estates, Korea Town, Lafayette Park, Magnolia Square, North University Park, University Park, Vermont Knolls, West Adams, West Park Terrace and Wilshire Center.

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June 07, 2012

Prior to her historic victory Tuesday, the Sentinel spoke to candidate/now winning nominee Jackie Lacey about her vision as district attorney of L.A. County. Lacey opened with a statement about her qualifications for the top job.

Lacey:  I think my entire life has prepared me for this position. In the district attorney’s office, I have done every job except sweep the floor. I’ve done zoning enforcement cases, I’ve prosecuted cases where an officer has been assaulted, I’ve prosecuted a serial child molester, I have had 11 murder cases. I prosecuted the first hate crime murder case based on race.

LAS: What general changes would you make in the way the DA’s office is run at present?

Lacey: I want to expand alternative sentencing. We don’t have enough money to send people to jail wholesale, and it’s wrong to send people to jail for being mentally ill. There is a significant population of African Americans who are suffering from undiagnosed, untreated mental illness, and they get arrested and sent into the criminal justice system.

LAS: What is your position on AB 109? (the bill that Governor Brown put forth to send prisoners from state to county facilities to alleviate overcrowding)

Lacey: I agree that California needed the change. I believe at one point the prisons were at 230 percent their capacity, which is inhumane.

What I disagree with is how quickly he thrust this responsibility onto the county. [AB 109] was passed in less than a day; I think it only took four or five hours. When we got the law, it took a team of lawyers a month to figure out what it was about.

I also think if the governor was going to shift all of these people over here, where is the money? You can’t just give us the problems of the state without giving us the money. And the money has not arrived. [Governor Jerry Brown] is counting on you guys voting for the tax increase in November.

LAS:  What is your position on the death penalty? Can it be reformed?

Lacey: I think the biggest fear, morally, of the death penalty is that we do not want to execute the wrong person. I think we need checks and balances in place. Under my administration, [the DA’s] office would make absolutely sure the evidence points to the right person.

One of the reforms we have to do is streamline the appeals process. It suffers from a lack of training for lawyers to handle those appeals. Although I’m a prosecutor who has been on the side of seeking justice by seeking the death penalty, I believe everybody has the right to a fair trial.

I don’t think the answer is to do away with the death penalty because I believe after looking at some cases that it’s just the appropriate punishment.

LAS: If elected, what can L.A. county residents expect from you as D.A.?

Lacey: What they get in me is a woman who understands that people are human, who has come from the Crenshaw district. I’m an ordinary woman attempting to do an extraordinary thing. I think I am the kind of person you need.

I’m not ego-driven. I understand my place in the world. I understand that the criminal justice system needs someone who can make tough decisions, who can look people in the eye and tell them the truth. I’m here to serve.


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June 07, 2012


Associated Press


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — President Barack Obama conceded Wednesday that people around the country are wondering if he can keep his promise to build an economy designed for the long term. But he blasted opponents as offering nothing more than finger-pointing as a platform.

Obama told donors at a San Francisco fundraiser that “the other side” doesn’t have any new ideas.

“And because they don’t have any new ideas, what they will do is spend 500, 700, a billion dollars in negative ads and their simple message will be: This is someone else's fault and that’s enough reason for you to vote for us,” he said.

“And,” he added, “if we don’t answer them, that can work.”

The president made no mention of the results of Tuesday’s Wisconsin recall election. Democrats failed to unseat Republican Gov. Scott Walker, bad news for the president and the party that came just days after a dismal jobs report cast gloom on the economic recovery.

In “Virginia or Iowa or North Carolina or California, all across the country,” Obama said, “there are a lot of folks who are still wondering — are we going to be able to fully deliver on that promise of a country that is thriving and has an economy that is built to last?”

Obama offered no new prescriptions for how he would answer Americans' economic questions. He said he's pushing a number of bills in Congress aimed at boosting jobs and growth but has gotten little help from Republican lawmakers.

Obama held fundraisers in San Francisco and Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday morning, expecting to raise more than $5 million for his re-election campaign and the Democratic Party. The events were putting Obama in touch with an array of sports and Hollywood figures.

In San Francisco, the president was introduced by Hall of Fame baseball player Willie Mays, a former outfielder for the New York Giants and San Francisco Giants. In Los Angeles, Obama spoke at a gala for gay and lesbian supporters where talk show host Ellen DeGeneres delivered  remarks.

A dinner later Wednesday was at the Beverly Hills home of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy.

Following his fundraising drive in California, Obama headed to Nevada on Thursday for a speech at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The president planned to announce new steps to help college students repay their loans and his efforts to jumpstart the economy.


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June 07, 2012

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) recently announced that it has named Yvette Hollingsworth chief compliance officer. Hollingsworth, who most recently served as managing director and global head of Operations Compliance and Financial Crimes Compliance & Risk Management for Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank, began her new role June 1.

She succeeds Tim Marrinan, who announced his retirement late last year. Hollingsworth will be based in San Francisco, Calif., and will report to Caryl Athanasiu, executive vice president and chief operational risk officer in the Corporate Risk group.

“We are delighted to welcome Yvette to our corporate risk team at Wells Fargo,” said Mike Loughlin, chief risk officer and head of corporate risk. “Given the intensity of the current regulatory environment, it’s absolutely critical that we maintain a strong compliance team, and Yvette has demonstrated that she has the values, depth of knowledge and experience to effectively lead regulatory compliance for our company.”

As chief compliance officer, Hollingsworth will be responsible for ensuring that all areas of the company meet compliance management responsibilities and abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Her team will continue to provide independent oversight of business-based compliance management activities.

Hollingsworth has extensive experience in compliance and risk management, having spent approximately 10 years as a regulator with the Federal Reserve System with roles at the Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco and New York as well as the Board of Governors.  Her industry experience includes a variety of senior compliance/anti-money laundering (AML) roles for financial institutions, including Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank and Citigroup, where she served as managing director and regional head of AML Compliance for the Markets & Banking North American division.

Hollingsworth previously served on the Supervisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Credit Union; as vice president of administration and operations; and as a member of the Board of the New York Chapter of the National Black MBA Association. She currently serves as a board member and vice chairman of INROADS New York/New Jersey Region. 

She earned an M.B.A. from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York Institute of Technology.


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